A continent now flourishing with financial superpowers, Asia is comprised of nations that had been constructed by centuries of bloodshed. Whole intervals of struggle for unification are a standard theme inside the East—actually one thing distinctive to the area.

Certainly, historical past is a well known lover of heroes. Fearsome warriors have been glorified and romanticized since time immemorial. Due to this fact, it’s unsurprising that Asia produced sure people oozing with martial may and badassery through the years when it was engulfed in mutual conquest.

10 Prithviraj Chauhan

Hailing from the Indian Chahamana dynasty, Prithviraja III (aka Prithviraj Chauhan) was a warlord and king who is called one of many fiercest males in historical past. Inheriting the throne on the tender age of 11, he was declared successor of the dominion on advantage of his bravery. To high issues off, he was one of many few fighters all through historical past credited with victory over a lion in barehanded fight.

As for his ability as a warrior, Prithviraj was significantly famous for his capability to struggle with precision with out sight. Whereas blindfolded, he was capable of hit an archery goal by advantage of sound alone. Although seemingly extra a story of folklore than historic account, this ability set got here in useful when he was captured by his enemy Muhammad of Ghor.

His captors burned out his eyes with red-hot irons. Blinded and held captive, our Indian hero didn’t lose hope. Presumably wanting to indicate off his “honored visitor,” Muhammad held an archery competitors through which Prithviraj struck the goal dead-on—even with out his eyes.

Then he supposedly killed his captor with a single strike after listening to the sound of Muhammad’s voice. Prithviraj promptly escaped with the assistance of his buddy Chand Bardai.[1]

Although that exact account stays a legend, it can not take away from the countless conquests and martial victories the warrior king achieved all through his life. Prithviraj will probably be remembered as considered one of India’s biggest kings ceaselessly.

9 Tsutsui no Jomyo Meishu

Once we consider feudal Japan, we typically think about essentially the most fearsome warriors to be samurai or ninja—and for good motive. Nevertheless, few persons are conscious of the unsung warrior monks who roamed the area throughout that period looking for enlightenment (and typically only a good struggle).

Jomyo Meishu of Tsutsui, a warrior monk within the early 1000s, was as powerful as an overdone steak and is little doubt one of many biggest monks ever to have lived.

Garbed in a swimsuit of black armor with a quiver filled with arrows, swords on his aspect, and a naginata in hand, Jomyo Meishu stood firmly on the banks of the Uji River. Behind him was the monastery that had raised him. In entrance was a military of bloodthirsty Taira samurai, separated from Jomyo Meishu solely by two skinny picket beams spanning the water.

Together with his fellow warrior monks beside him, our bald champion stepped ahead and shouted, “I’m the employee monk Jomyo Meishu from Tsutsui, a warrior price a thousand males. If anybody right here considers themselves my equal, allow them to come ahead. I shall meet them!”[2]

Together with his phrases barely out of his mouth, he let free an arrow straight into the throat of an enemy. Enraged, the samurai returned hearth, however Jomyo Meishu remained calm. With a supreme displaying of ability, he sniped his quiver empty, felling 12 samurai on the spot and incapacitating one other 11. Not a single arrow missed its mark.

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Nonetheless unhappy together with his kill rely and teeming with battle intent, Jomyo Meishu sprinted throughout a beam like a veritable medieval gymnast, naginata whirling with abandon. Tearing by means of 5 males in a heartbeat, he lastly misplaced his spear within the stomach of the sixth, at which level his sword flashed from his aspect. Possessed by the fever of battle, he slashed by means of one other eight till he delivered a skull-shattering blow that snapped his sword into items.

Simply when it appeared that he was completed, Jomyo Meishu pulled his final knife and saved going, combating till he had nothing however naked arms. Ultimately, he was pulled from the fray, the place he lastly took inventory of his losses. Upon seeing the 63 dents in his armor, he merely chuckled, brushed himself off, and walked away, praising the Buddha as he went.

8 Miyamoto Musashi

One other Japanese hero, Miyamoto Musashi wielded his sword like no different, pioneering the event of sword combating inside the nation. A vagabond of kinds, he started touring the nation to duel from a younger age, making a reputation for himself with nothing however a picket sword he had long-established from a tree department.

Maybe his biggest second got here following a string of duels in opposition to the Yoshioka College. After Musashi killed the college’s grasp and his brother in respective duels, the college plotted to kill the legendary swordsman beneath the guise of a 3rd duel at night time.[3]

Suspicious of the bizarre choice for the time of day, Musashi arrived hours earlier, hiding within the fields in anticipate his opponent. Positive sufficient, his adversary arrived with a bona fide military with retainers, swordsmen, riflemen, and archers able to ambush Musashi.

On the good second, he sprang forth, killing his opponent in a single stroke, solely to be surrounded on all sides. Closed in and tremendously outnumbered, Musashi drew each his swords, reducing a path by means of the fields and eventually escaping into the night time. From there, he created his trademark Nito Ryu (dual-wielding) fashion of kenjutsu that will shake the boundaries of swordsmanship in his period.

7 Hattori Hanzo

Simply essentially the most legendary ninja ever to stroll the Earth, Hattori Hanzo is the position mannequin of all night-crawling assassins. In actual fact, his abilities had been so nice that he was thought to have supernatural powers. A full-fledged ninja at age 12, Hanzo would earn the moniker “Hanzo the Demon” round 16, instilling concern within the hearts of all his enemies.

So mysterious had been his talents that a lot of his achievements had been solely regarded as potential by means of precognition, psychokinesis, and teleportation. One other survivor of outnumbered battles, he as soon as led 30 males in opposition to Takeda Shingen’s troops, successfully mounting a counterattack and nipping their advance within the bud.[4]

Though Hanzo had already lived a lifetime of distinction on the battlefield, his most memorable achievement was escorting Tokugawa Ieyasu again to Mikawa with assistance from Iga ninja within the space. Tokugawa would go on to grow to be unified Japan’s first shogun, and Hanzo would die at age 55 (some sources say 54). His legacy stays to at the present time in Tokyo the place “Hanzo’s Gate” stands proudly on the Imperial Palace.

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6 Yi Solar-shin

Yi Solar-shin was Korea’s delight and image of bravery and may. His legacy could be seen to at the present time together with his statue in Gwanghwamun Sq. towering over vacationers and locals alike.

A embellished admiral, Yi’s life feels like one thing straight out of a film. After a quick run-in with the king over refusing poor orders, Yi fought the defining battle of his life, solidifying his place within the hearts of all Koreans.

Throughout the Battle of Myeongnyang, the heroic admiral led a measly 13 ships in opposition to the invading Japanese fleet of 300. As soon as once more rejecting the king’s orders to retreat, Yi declared, “I nonetheless have 12 ships beneath my command. So long as I nonetheless draw breath, the enemy won’t ever be secure inside this western sea.”[5]

Badass quote out of the best way, he would proceed to ship an awesome victory in opposition to all odds. Single-handedly, Yi led considered one of army historical past’s most startling naval achievements.

5 Xiahou Dun

A formidable warrior in his personal proper, “One-Eyed Dragon” Xiahou Dun was a person you’d moderately escape than battle. As if his power and ability weren’t sufficient of a deterrent for his enemies, Xiahou Dun dedicated one significantly insane act on the battlefield that will put a shiver down the backbone of any man.[6]

Throughout a marketing campaign beneath Lu Bu (who seems in a while this checklist), Xiahou Dun took an arrow to the left eye. Whereas this may most likely have most males on their knees, the final took issues a step additional than Prithviraj by promptly pulling out his eyeball with the arrow and consuming it. Later, he earned the distinguished title of “Nice Common,” little doubt partially as a consequence of his monstrous popularity.

For those who ever questioned what it takes to instill concern in all who see you, now you recognize the trick. Simply pull out your eyeball and begin a-munching.

4 Wu Mei (Ng Mui)

The first of two girls on this checklist, Wu Mei was a martial arts genius. Mentioned to have been one of many legendary 5 Elders of Shaolin, she survived the temple’s destruction through the Qing dynasty. Born of a normal within the Ming imperial court docket, she was privileged with entry to the best schooling and martial arts—actually irregular for that point interval.

Not one to squander the alternatives offered to her, she turned a grasp of Shaolin martial arts, Wudang martial arts, and Yuejiaquan. Having absorbed the strategies of others, Wu Mei pioneered a lot of her personal martial arts.

She is credited with the perfection and creation of arts together with Wing Chun, Ng Mui fashion, Dragon fashion, White Crane, and 5-Sample fashion.[7] Her martial virtuosity was unparalleled, and she or he defied the stereotype of male warriors in her time, enjoying a pivotal position in molding the course of China’s historical past.

3 Lu Bu


As Lu Bu was actually a person higher admired from a distance, you most likely would need to keep as distant from him as potential. A large man possessing immense ability in each related warrior’s self-discipline of the time, Lu Bu was a badass in each sense of the phrase.[8]

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Nevertheless, his biggest defining high quality was his treacherous nature. Lu “the defector” Bu went by means of not less than 5 masters, serving and betraying them on his personal whims. In no way an exemplary man, he had an affair together with his grasp’s maid and was additionally recognized to have designs on the wives of his males.

Ultimately, his eventful lifetime of backstabbing was reduce brief. Although it have to be stated that Lu Bu’s power allowed him to stay a really affluent life, his earlier betrayals got here again to chew him. Ultimately, he was executed by hanging by Lord Cao Cao.

2 Dian Wei

Really a Goliath of a person, Dian Wei was precisely what you’d anticipate in a wartime hero. Thought to have been gifted with superhuman power, he wielded a pair of dual halberds—every weighing not less than 20 kilograms (45 lb). Serving loyally beneath Cao Cao (in contrast to Lu Bu), Dian Wei’s uncanny capability to spear males like fish obtained him promoted to chief commander.

Legend has it that he may maintain 10–12 spears without delay. One account tells of a time when he sprinted headfirst into the enemy carrying two layers of armor. He stopped 10 paces away to spear a person with every weapon.

As Cao Cao’s private bodyguard, Dian Wei stood by his warlord’s aspect with an enormous axe—apparently with a 33-centimeter (13 in) blade. Dian Wei was so intimidating that folks had been too terrified to even take a look at him.

His faultless loyalty finally value him his life. He performed the rearguard after his lord tried to take a governor’s widowed aunt as a concubine. Barring the trail in opposition to hordes of enemies, Dian Wei fought like a madman, even utilizing two enemy corpses as weapons when he had no different choices. Lastly, he fell after being completely encircled and wounded not less than 10 occasions.[9]

1 Khutulun

Final however actually not least, Khutulun was a warrior girl who put males to disgrace. Cousin of the notorious Kublai Khan, Khutulun was a princess who didn’t fairly match the mildew. Described in Marco Polo’s accounts as an excellent fighter, she rode into many battles alongside her father.

As a Mongol princess, she liked to wrestle. But her immense ability set her aside. Though it was frequent for Mongol ladies to wrestle and shoot bows, Khutulun was higher than any man—a lot in order that she discovered it exhausting to marry.

Ultimately, she declared that she would marry any man who may finest her in a match. All shedding challengers would owe her 100 horses. Her athleticism and power garnered her a herd of 10,000 horses. Ultimately, she married a person of her selecting whom she had by no means fought within the ring—wonderful contemplating the cultural norm of organized marriages on the time.[10]

Andrew is a first-year scholar in Hong Kong, recovering from ME. He loves studying and researching fascinating subjects and is happy to have a spot to jot down all of it down!


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