I just lately watched the documentary Zeitgeist (Half 1) in addition to Invoice Maher’s film Religulous. Each made point out of claims usually made that there are various tales that predate Jesus however have placing parallels. I made a decision to observe up on these claims and see what sort of data was on the market to substantiate these assertions.

I discovered a number of web sites run by Christians who clearly disputed all claims of any parallels to the lifetime of Jesus. I additionally discovered a number of attention-grabbing books on the topic, reminiscent of The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors: Christianity Before Christ by Kersey Graves, and The Christ Conspiracy, and Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled by Acharya S.

As a non-christian, I’m approaching this subject purely as an observer. I’m assuming half of the individuals who learn it will mechanically say the claims are false and the opposite half will say they’re true. The reality I discovered is that it’s tough to know for positive.

Listed below are ten of the figures usually sited:


Each went to their temples on the age of twelve, the place they’re stated to have astonished all with their knowledge. Each supposedly fasted in solitude for a very long time: Buddha for forty–seven days and Jesus for forty. Each wandered to a fig tree on the conclusion of their fasts. Each had been about the identical age once they started their public ministry:

“When he [Buddha] went once more to the backyard he noticed a monk who was calm, tranquil, self–possessed, serene, and dignified. The prince, decided to turn out to be such a monk, was led to make the nice renunciation. On the time he was twenty–9 years of age… “Jesus, when he started his ministry, was about thirty years of age.” (Luke 3:23). Each had been tempted by the “satan” at first of their ministry: To Buddha, he stated: “Go not forth to undertake a spiritual life however return to your kingdom, and in seven days you shall turn out to be emperor of the world, using over the 4 continents.” To Jesus, he stated: “All these [kingdoms of the world] I offers you, for those who fall down and worship me” (Matthew 4:9). Buddha answered the “satan”: “Get you away from me.”

Jesus responded: “…begone, Devil!” (Matthew 4:10). Each strove to ascertain a kingdom of heaven on earth. In keeping with the Somadeva (a Buddhist holy e book), a Buddhist ascetic’s eye as soon as offended him, so he plucked it out and solid it away. Jesus stated: “In case your proper eye causes you to sin, pluck it out, and throw it away;.” (Matthew 5:29).

Radha Y Krishna 1.Jpg

In keeping with Bhagavata Purana some consider that Krishna was born with out a sexual union, by “psychological transmission” from the thoughts of Vasudeva into the womb of Devaki, his mom. Christ and Krishna had been known as each God and the Son of God. Each had been despatched from heaven to earth within the type of a person. Each had been known as Savior, and the second individual of the Trinity. Krishna’s adoptive human father was additionally a carpenter. A spirit or ghost was their precise father. Krishna and Jesus had been of royal descent. Each had been visited at delivery by sensible males and shepherds, guided by a star. Angels in each instances issued a warning that the native dictator deliberate to kill the newborn and had issued a decree for his assassination. The mother and father fled. Mary and Joseph stayed in Muturea; Krishna’s mother and father stayed in Mathura. Each Christ and Krishna withdrew to the wilderness as adults, and fasted. Each had been recognized as “the seed of the lady bruising the serpent’s head.” Jesus was known as “the lion of the tribe of Judah.” Krishna was known as “the lion of the tribe of Saki.” Each claimed: “I’m the Resurrection.” Each had been “with out sin.” Each had been god-men: being thought of each human and divine. Each carried out many miracles, together with the therapeutic of illness. One of many first miracles that each carried out was to make a leper complete. Every cured “all method of ailments.” Each solid out indwelling demons, and raised the lifeless. Each chosen disciples to unfold his teachings. Each had been meek, and merciful. Each had been criticized for associating with sinners. Each celebrated a final supper. Each forgave his enemies. Each had been crucified and each had been resurrected.

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Homeric tales about Odysseus emphasize his struggling life, simply as in Mark Jesus stated that he, too, would endure tremendously. Odysseus is a carpenter like Jesus, and he needs to return his house simply as Jesus needs to be welcomed in his native house and later to God’s house in Jerusalem. Odysseus is plagued with untrue and dim-witted companions who show tragic flaws. They stupidly open a magic bag of wind whereas Odysseus sleeps and launch horrible tempests which stop their return house. These sailors are similar to Jesus’ disciples, who disbelieve Jesus, ask silly questions, and present common ignorance about every part. It’s wonderful that both Odysseus or Jesus ever handle to perform something, given the companions they’ve, however this merely demonstrates the facility and talent of the one true chief who has a divine mandate to guide the folks out of darkness and right into a brighter future.

Romulus Warrior.Jpg

Romulus is born of a vestal virgin, which was a priestess of the fireside god Vesta sworn to celibacy. His mom claims that the divine impregnated her, but this isn’t believed by the King. Romulus and his twin brother, Remus, are tossed within the river and left for lifeless. (A “slaughter of the innocents” story which parallels that of Matthew 2:13-16). Romulus is hailed because the son of god. He’s “snatched away to heaven” by a whirlwind (It’s assumed that the gods took him), and he makes submit mortem appearances. In his work Numa Pompilius, Plutarch data that there was a darkness masking the earth earlier than his demise (Simply as there was throughout Jesus’ demise based on Mark 15:33). He additionally states that Romulus is to be know afterwards as ‘Quirinus’; A god which belonged to the Archiac Triad (a “triple deity” just like the idea of the Trinity).

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Baby Dionysus-Reni.Jpg

Dionysus was born of a virgin on December 25 and, because the Holy Youngster, was positioned in a manger. He was a touring instructor who carried out miracles. He “rode in a triumphal procession on an ass.” He was a sacred king killed and eaten in an eucharistic ritual for fecundity and purification. Dionysus rose from the lifeless on March 25. He was the God of the Vine, and turned water into wine. He was known as “King of Kings” and “God of Gods.” He was thought of the “Solely Begotten Son,” Savior,” “Redeemer,” “Sin Bearer,” Anointed One,” and the “Alpha and Omega.” He was recognized with the Ram or Lamb. His sacrificial title of “Dendrites” or “Younger Man of the Tree” intimates he was held on a tree or crucified.


Heracles is the Son of a god (Zeus). It’s recorded that Zeus is each the daddy and great-great- nice grandfather of Heracles, simply as Jesus is actually his personal grandpa, being each “The basis and offspring of David” (Revelation 22:16) as he’s a part of the triune God which is the daddy of Adam and finally of Jesus. Each are doubly associated to the Supreme God.

Diodorus writes that,”For as regards the magnitude of the deeds which he completed it’s typically agreed that Heracles has been handed down as one who surpassed all males of whom reminiscence from the start of time has introduced down an account; consequently it’s a tough attainment to report every one in all his deeds in a worthy method and to current a report which shall be on a stage with labours so nice, the magnitude of which received for him the prize of immortality.”

Jesus can also be stated to have completed a really giant variety of good works. John 21:25 says that: “Jesus did many different issues as properly. If each one in all them had been written down, I suppose that even the entire world wouldn’t have room for the books that may be written.”

Hera tries to kill Heracles as an toddler by sending two serpents after him, but Heracles survives by strangling them. This parallels Herod’s slaughter of the innocents in an try to kill Jesus (Matthew 2:13-16).

Heracles makes a descent into Hades and returns from it with Theseus and Peirithoüs, simply as Jesus descends into the “decrease elements of the earth” or Hades (Ephesians 4:7-8); Although Jesus doesn’t convey anybody up from it. Heracles’ physique isn’t discovered and he’s assumed to have been taken by the gods:”After this, when the companions of Iolaüs got here to assemble up the bones of Heracles and located not a single bone anyplace, they assumed that, in accordance with the phrases of the oracle, he had handed from amongst males into the corporate of the gods.”

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In the midst of the 100s AD, out alongside the south coast of the Black Sea, Glycon was the son of the God Apollo, who: got here to Earth by means of a miraculous delivery, was the Earthly manifestation of divinity, got here to earth in achievement of divine prophecy, gave his chief believer the facility of prophecy, gave believers the facility to talk in tongues, carried out miracles, healed the sick, and raised the lifeless.


Zoroaster was born of a virgin and “immaculate conception by a ray of divine cause.” He was baptized in a river. In his youth he astounded sensible males along with his knowledge. He was tempted within the wilderness by the satan. He started his ministry at age 30. Zoroaster baptized with water, fireplace and “holy wind.” He solid out demons and restored the sight to a blind man. He taught about heaven and hell, and revealed mysteries, together with resurrection, judgment, salvation and the apocalypse. He had a sacred cup or grail. He was slain. His faith had a eucharist. He was the “Phrase made flesh.” Zoroaster’s followers anticipated a “second coming” within the virgin-born Saoshynt or Savior, who’s to come back in 2341 AD and start his ministry at age 30, ushering in a golden age.


Attis was born on December 25 of the Virgin Nana. He was thought of the savior who was slain for the salvation of mankind. His physique as bread was eaten by his worshippers. He was each the Divine Son and the Father. On “Black Friday,” he was crucified on a tree, from which his holy blood ran all the way down to redeem the earth. He descended into the underworld. After three days, Attis was resurrected.

Horus 3.Jpg

Born of a virgin, Isis. Solely begotten son of the God Osiris. Delivery heralded by the star Sirius, the morning star. Historical Egyptians paraded a manger and baby representing Horus by means of the streets on the time of the winter solstice (about DEC-21). In actuality, he had no delivery date; he was not a human. Demise menace throughout infancy: Herut tried to have Horus murdered. Dealing with the menace: The God That tells Horus’ mom “Come, thou goddess Isis, conceal thyself with thy baby.” An angel tells Jesus’ father to: “Come up and take the younger baby and his mom and flee into Egypt.” Break in life historical past: No knowledge between ages of 12 & 30. Age at baptism: 30. Subsequent destiny of the baptiser: Beheaded. Walked on water, solid out demons, healed the sick, restored sight to the blind. Was crucifed, descended into Hell; resurrected after three days.


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