Many people grew up loving geese. We’d chase round ducklings or coo over how cute they had been. With their silly-sounding quacks and large paddle toes, geese are typically thought to be lovely and humorous birds. They bob round our lakes and rivers, minding their very own enterprise or consuming our breadcrumbs. Donald Duck is a beloved character world wide, though he doesn’t put on pants.

Nevertheless, geese usually are not as cute and harmless as they first appear. There’s a darkish facet to those animals that many individuals have no idea about and even suspect. Ducks are generally merciless and violent. They’ve weird physique components and unusual behaviors that you simply don’t typically see in different animals.

For too lengthy, geese have been revered as innocent and foolish. For too lengthy, the general public has been blind to the darkish tendencies of our pleasant neighborhood geese.

10 Duck Penises

Do you know that duck penises are formed like corkscrews? They’re saved in sacs below their our bodies, however when a duck penis is erect, it could change into as much as 20 centimeters (8 in) lengthy. That’s a couple of quarter of the size of the animal’s complete physique. To place that in perspective, that might be like a human having a forearm-sized member. To make this much more weird, it’s useful to know that 97 % of chicken species don’t actually have a penis.

To make issues even worse, the penises of geese are sharp and stuffed with backward-pointing spikes. They’re particularly made to stab into the feminine duck painfully. The spikes dig into the feminine duck’s vagina like 100 sharp hooks to stop escape.

Additionally, a distinction between the penis of a mammal (reminiscent of a human) and a duck is that the duck everts his penis instantly into the vagina as an alternative of getting an erection earlier than intercourse. The male duck simply mounts the feminine after which stabs her in a single movement, as if utilizing a grappling hook.[1]

9 Mating Rituals

How have feminine geese developed to cope with the horrifying genitalia of their male counterparts? The females have counterclockwise vaginas to confuse and deflect the clockwise penises. Additionally they have deceptive tunnels that act as a barrier in opposition to full penetration.

Why? Pricey God, why? As a result of geese rape one another on a regular basis.

This pressured copulation had prompted the feminine duck to evolve in a manner that scientists label “a sexual arms race.” The extra terrifying the male genitalia, the extra convoluted and difficult the feminine genitalia. It simply goes to point out that feminine geese usually are not complacent on this violent and compelled copulation.[2]

Ducks additionally routinely interact in gang rape. Yep, gang rape. It’s not unusual for 3 to 6 male geese to chase and violently rape one feminine. On the opposite facet of the spectrum, if a feminine duck is into the male duck “courting” her, she will be able to calm down sure muscle tissues to guarantee that the sperm of the favored male will fertilize her eggs.

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Solely about 3 % of pressured copulations finish in ducklings, which makes us really feel just a little bit higher. Nonetheless not nice, although.

8 Straight-Up Homicide

When you’ve ever lived by a lake or had a whole lot of contact with geese, likelihood is that you simply’ve seen duck-on-duck violence. Even duck homicide. The mating season for geese is a brutal time, particularly for females, as we beforehand mentioned.[3]

However on occasion, geese will really drown each other whereas mating. Most females lose not less than a couple of feathers on the backs of their heads and necks because of the males biting through the pressured act, however some females will even lose eyes.

At occasions, people additionally commit atrocities in opposition to geese. A preferred native Texas duck named George was brutally murdered in 2013, prompting The Humane Society and San Antonio Crime Stoppers to supply a big reward for the culprits.

George the duck was a really pleasant fowl that used to drag on everybody’s pant legs. Usually fed by native eating places, he was a staple vacationer attraction on the River Stroll. Even with a reward of over $10,000, no suspects had been ever captured.

7 Duck Poop-Borne Ailments

Poop isn’t a sanitary factor. Round most lakes and rivers, duck and goose poop accumulates and piles up like little smelly white hills. Ducks poop all over the place, and it’s no shock that an excessive amount of poop may cause well being issues for us and different species as nicely.

The CDC warns that duck poop can carry ailments which are harmful for people, reminiscent of E.coli and Salmonella. Many individuals who deal with their very own pet geese or geese will contract Salmonella infections yearly. In 2016, there have been a reported 895 instances from chicken house owners. After all, many instances go unreported. A Salmonella an infection is often not life-threatening and simply ends in a whole lot of diarrhea and nausea.(*10*)

Nevertheless, duck droppings can probably carry as much as 60 totally different ailments, some that are very dangerous and harmful for people. Histoplasmosis is a respiratory illness unfold by a fungus that grows over dried duck droppings, and it may be deadly. To be trustworthy, it’s greatest to simply steer clear of any sort of poop. However duck droppings appear to be all over the place. So be careful, they may kill you.

6 The Onerous Life Of A Duckling

Many ducklings, these cute little cheepers that comply with their moms across the pond, received’t make it to maturity. The survival fee is terrible: Solely about 60 % develop into absolutely unbiased geese.

Numerous issues impression a duckling’s likelihood at survival. For instance, dangerous climate. Hail has been recognized to kill a report variety of the little guys. Nevertheless, habitat is the primary affect on survival fee. habitat that protects the duck household from dangerous climate and predators is important. However with people constructing an rising variety of cities and man-made ponds, good habitats are laborious to return by.

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A duckling can be the proper prey for a complete host of different animals. Even fish can swim as much as the floor and gulp them down. A large enough bullfrog will eat a duckling, too.[5]

Hawks, foxes, snakes, and turtles will gladly snatch up a duckling snack. These child birds are nearly helpless till they lastly attain maturity at 50–70 days of age, after they can lastly fly. However they’ll by no means fly away from the evil that lives inside themselves.

5 Gastroliths

Think about strolling round a seashore, choosing up the sharpest rocks that you could find, after which popping them into your mouth. You swallow the sharp rocks, and so they go into your tiny, second abdomen. That is known as a gizzard. Most birds have them.

Why do geese swallow sharp rocks and pebbles? To grind up the bones of the fish that they swallow complete. That’s proper, they make their very own set of enamel DIY-style. That is known as a gastrolith.[6]

As soon as the rocks usually are not sharp anymore, geese will vomit them again up and search for new rocks. This implies which you could probably decide up a pleasant, rounded stone that has been in a duck’s gizzard.

Generally, geese will swallow extra than simply common rocks. There are many examples of miners discovering precise gold within the gizzards of geese and different birds. The miners merely adopted the geese to the place that they had been scratching round within the earth and located worthwhile veins of gold. Different intrepid individuals within the gold rush period would even decide by means of chicken droppings looking for gold.

4 Duck Eyelids

Do you know that geese have higher imaginative and prescient than canine? Ducks can see in full shade, and because of the sideways placement of the eyes on their heads, they’ve a virtually 360-degree view of the world round them.

Ducks have two to a few occasions higher imaginative and prescient than people. Though these animals have poor night time imaginative and prescient, a duck’s eye accommodates cones that we wouldn’t have. This permits them to see ultraviolet gentle.

Additionally they have a freaky third eyelid. Nevertheless, that’s not essentially odd. All birds have three eyelids. These “nictitating membranes” are used like underwater goggles to enhance the duck’s imaginative and prescient whereas diving.[7] A ton of different animals sport this useful eyelid function as nicely. When you look intently sufficient, you’ll be able to see them on a canine, too.

3 A Duck’s Chilly, Unfeeling Foot

Ducks are like bizarre, bionic, terminator birds. They’ve developed very particular physique anatomy to cope with chilly winter lakes and their chilly watery way of life.

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Everyone knows that geese have webbed toes, however do you know {that a} duck can prohibit blood move to his toes? Because the temperature drops, much less blood will move to a duck’s extremities. That is how a duck can swim in frigid water and stand comfortably on ice.

Duck toes will even change shade through the mating season. Very similar to a crimson baboon butt, a duck’s foot will swell and switch a vibrant crimson when they’re starting to pair off. Each female and male toes shall be crimson till the summer time, after they flip a colorless shade once more to mix into their environment.[8]

2 Duck Vigilance

You’ll be able to by no means shock a duck. They’re all the time watching, all the time ready. It’s terrifying. It’s laborious for predators to sneak up on an grownup duck, and hunters will let you know that it’s crucial to stay utterly nonetheless and completely camouflaged whereas ready to shoot.

Ducks are confirmed to sleep with one eye open. When sleeping in a gaggle, geese will nearly all the time sleep in a line. The duck on the finish of the road will preserve one eye open to observe for predators.

A examine in 1999 revealed one thing very attention-grabbing about geese’ sleeping habits. Whereas one eye is open, solely half of the duck’s mind is asleep whereas the opposite half is awake. They’ll shut off half their mind.[9]

1 A Grand Passage

A grand passage appears like one thing lofty and majestic, one thing a wealthy duck would do earlier than diving right into a pile of gold cash. It sounds nothing like a scene out of a horror film. (Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds? Apparently, issues like that absolutely do occur.)

A grand passage happens when a complete inhabitants of geese goes loopy. It often occurs after bizarre climate patterns happen—generally, an enormous chilly entrance will trigger thousands and thousands of geese emigrate without delay. This phenomenon occurs on occasion, however it’s all the time jarring and horrifying to the individuals on the bottom beneath these gigantic clouds of geese.

At occasions, they quantity so many who airports are choked with geese and airplanes have to attend till the mass of birds strikes on earlier than they’ll resume service. The massive variety of geese can jam radar techniques and black out the sky.[10]

A grand passage is a terrifying sight, however geese will all the time move proper over us people. We’re fortunate that no demise from duck has ever been reported. But.

I grew up by a lake in Minnesota, and the lake was named “Mallard Lake.”


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