The phrase “cult” was initially synonymous with the phrase “sect,” which referred to a spiritual group that was crucial of society and accepted voluntary membership. “Cult” ultimately gained the fashionable definition of a spiritual group with unorthodox beliefs, charismatic leaders, and the usage of psychological manipulation to achieve and hold members. Many now see parallels between spiritual cults and a few ostensibly non-spiritual teams. These teams could also be therapeutic, financial, company, or political in character, however they share tendencies with spiritual cults, together with unquestioning dedication to charismatic leaders, punishment of dissent, thoughts-altering practices and rituals, and misleading recruitment ways.

10 Tvind

Mogens Admi Petersen

Within the Seventies, Denmark’s liberal schooling coverage allowed state funding for any non-public faculty within the nation. A gaggle of anti-institution academics led by iconoclast Mogens Amdi Petersen shaped the Tvind Instructor’s Group to make the most of these insurance policies with the intention of making an schooling system that might assist troubled youth whereas additionally resulting in the abolition of inequality, racism, and nuclear energy. Petersen was a Maoist who sought to create progressive “touring people excessive faculties” the place academics and college students traveled collectively to 3rd world nations to assist the poor. In actuality, Tvind shortly grew to become a cult beneath absolutely the management of Petersen. It adopted quite a lot of draconian ideas: widespread financial system (the place Tvind members invested their complete financial savings and earnings into a standard account and supported themselves on pocket cash given by the group), widespread time (the place members agreed to forgo all free time and prepare their plans with Tvind administration), and customary distribution (during which the Tvind determined the place a member would work). Tvind would not allow any member to set circumstances or make claims to non-public rights over their cash, time, or work surroundings.

Because the Seventies, Tvind expanded extensively, changing into a posh net of instructional and charity organizations in Scandinavia, Africa, and all over the world, with Petersen and his colleague Kirsten Larsen. The group took on quite a lot of names to masks their origins, together with Humana and Planet Assist. Many of those organizations have been ostensibly charities, however a lot of the revenue was funneled immediately again to the principle Tvind group. Younger, idealistic college students have been tricked into becoming a member of the group by way of slick promoting solely to be swindled, exploited, and compelled to chop off ties with family and friends. Tvind ideology said that Amdi Petersen was infallible however persecuted by a corrupt society. In 2013, Petersen was sentenced to jail in Denmark for monetary crimes, however the cult chief remains at large and is believed to be on the run in Mexico.

9 Yilishen Tianxi Group

Pyramid schemes and different types of multilevel advertising are sometimes thought-about secular cults as a consequence of their strategies of operation, their aggressive recruitment, and magical pondering. Such schemes are rife all over the world, significantly in China. One significantly egregious scheme, with a bigger than common mystical component, emerged within the type of an ant farming scheme by the Yilishen Tianxi Group in Liaoning Province. Traders, typically farmers, retirees, and the unemployed, have been satisfied to spend $1,375 on a field of ants. They would wish to take care of the ants and provides them meals and water for the following 72 days. Then a Yilishen consultant would decide up any useless ants to be processed into powder used as an aphrodisiac, kidney air purifier, and supposed remedy for arthritis. The ants got here with a cardboard field with a 5-centimeter (2 in) plastic window and feeding gap. An arcane listing of feeding directions was additionally included, involving 9:00 AM spritzing with water blended with sugar or honey in addition to cake and egg each 3–5 days.

Over one million buyers fell for the seemingly ridiculous scheme; in China ants are believed to extend stamina and sexual efficiency, enhance immunity, and delay life. The corporate founder, Wang Fengyou, was a grasp at political connections and self-promotion, establishing himself as a philanthropist, showing on state tv, and receiving endorsements from celebrities and ant breeders. The economically susceptible people who fell for the scheme have been promised $447 within the first 14 months, after which an annual fee of return of as much as 32.5 %. The scheme ran for eight years earlier than collapsing, leaving 1000’s of buyers out of luck. Worse, shut ties between Yilishen and the federal government have meant that the debacle has been suppressed within the media and attorneys warned in opposition to representing the victims. 1000’s of ant farmers who descended on the corporate have been even allegedly beaten and detained by riot police.

8 Re-Analysis Counseling

On the Couch
Harvey Jackins was a younger Maoist who received concerned with L. Ron Hubbard within the early Fifties, through the early years of the “science of dianetics.” They ultimately parted methods; Hubbard based Scientology, and Jackins developed Re-Analysis Counseling. It’s described as a technique of releasing human beings from distressing patterns with a purpose to reside a extra fulfilling life. The thought is that human beings are basically good, and that we act badly as a consequence of “restimulation” of previous hurts that haven’t been “discharged” appropriately. The method of re-analysis counseling includes a counselor and a consumer collaborating to work by way of and interrupt the consumer’s patterns of misery. The top result’s meant to extend intelligence, life enjoyment, sociability in each people, and ultimately society total. (*10*) the Home Un-American Actions Committee in 1954 that: “We’ve got found, a human—any limitation on his life, his enjoyment of life, his capability to be clever in any scenario—is only the results of the experiences of damage which he has endured, together with emotional misery.” A lot of this misery is believed to come back from childhood abuse, with Jackins claiming that the majority girls and most males suffered sexual abuse at a younger age. A lot of the counseling includes the counselor making an attempt to hyperlink up to date points or dissatisfaction with childhood reminiscences, which causes emotional outbursts and even the era of false reminiscences.

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The middle of the motion is in Seattle, Washington, the place the headquarters of The Worldwide Re-analysis Counseling Communities is situated. It’s beneath the management of Tim Jackins, who’s the President of the group in addition to the “Worldwide Reference Particular person” with absolute energy over leaders within the group. The group runs courses in its remedy approaches, with a various fee to review relying on revenue. Scholarships are additionally out there. The group believes that psychological sickness doesn’t exist and has no hyperlinks with any psychiatric or psychotherapy group. They’re extraordinarily isolationist, defensive of any exterior criticism, and beneath a strictly authoritarian rule. The group dismisses assaults on it as “dramatizations of misery,” and people throughout the group who persist in criticizing it are expelled.

7 Employees’ Institute Of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong Thought

Held Captive
In Seventies Nice Britain, political radicals dissatisfied with the Soviet-aligned Communist Social gathering of Nice Britain (CPGB), in addition to different Trotskyist teams shaped splinter actions impressed by Maoism and the Cultural Revolution. Remoted and confrontational, these teams discovered it very troublesome to increase and have become obsessive about particular dogmas and literature. Aravindan Balakrishnan (a former member of the Communist Social gathering of England [Marxist-Leninist] which was already a radical Maoist group criticized by different leftists for thuggery) was expelled for factionalism and shaped his personal following: the Employees’ Institute of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung (later Zedong) Thought. The motion maintained a rock-strong dedication to Maoism whilst different actions and China itself moved away from the philosophy. Balakrishnan’s group solely grew to become ever extra remoted and excessive as time went on, restricted to distributing pamphlets of their idiosyncratic and baroque political views and disrupting meetings of different leftist teams. Calling himself “Comrade Bala,” the chief compared himself to Jesus Christ and dominated the army-type group of the group. Members have been minimize off from their households and inspired to donate all their cash to “the revolutionary trigger.”

After Mao’s dying in 1976, the motion established the Mao Tsetung Memorial Middle in Brixton, a district in London. Claiming to be an precise part of the Chinese language Communist occasion, the Middle ran movies and lectures and in addition operated as a collective composed of former worldwide college students, principally girls. The Middle was raided by the police in 1978, and afterwards the motion proclaimed a “new lengthy march” and went underground. The collective went off the grid, however just a few girls remained with the group because it migrated between London homes over 30 years beneath the entire management of Bala and his spouse Chanda. When police raided the group’s hideout in 2013, they found three girls had been held as digital slaves for years by Balakrishnan and Chanda, who have been then arrested. One of many girls, who had a start certificates however no different paperwork, was believed to have been in servitude nearly her entire life.

6 Straight, Inc.

In 1974, a US authorities report into the drug rehabilitation program Seed, Inc. in contrast its habits modification strategies with North Korean brainwashing used within the Fifties. The ensuing controversy and calls for for shoppers to signal consent kinds agreeing to human experimentation led to the closure of the corporate. Mel Sembler, the previous Ambassador to Italy whose son had been within the Seed program, shaped Straight, Inc. from members of Seed and used lots of the identical strategies. The group claimed to make use of robust love and Alcoholics Nameless strategies to assist youngsters overcome drug dependancy. In actuality, this meant that former program graduates have been put answerable for remedy, known as “constructive peer strain.” This amounted to a heinous regime of brainwashing, public humiliation and confrontations, meals and sleep deprivation, kidnapping, isolation, and abuse. This led to program graduates affected by melancholy and publish-traumatic stress dysfunction, with some committing suicide. The psychological manipulation, isolation, and heavy ritualism of the Straight program made it classifiable as a thoughts management cult.

Based on one survivor, these in this system have been compelled to put in writing “ethical inventories” detailing how intercourse and medicines had destroyed their lives, take part in “motivational-confessional” classes the place they have been compelled to disclose their deepest secrets and techniques, and do army-type workout routines. The youngsters, known as “Straightlings,” have been held in captivity on the foster houses of fogeys of different inmates beneath the watchful eye of program graduates. Bodily, psychological, and sexual abuse was rife, all within the identify of rehabilitation. Finally, sufficient controversy and public outrage over the abuses led to Straight’s closure in 1993, but it surely was quickly revived beneath a unique identify as SAFE. After a number of incarnations, the up to date model is the Drug Free America Basis, which remains to be run by the Semblers and desperately fighting in opposition to marijuana legalization.

5 Middle For Feeling Remedy

In 1971, two rogue therapists, Richard J. (Riggs) Corriere and Joseph T. Hart Jr., based the Middle for Feeling Remedy. That they had break up from the Primal Remedy motion, which was targeted on separating thought and habits with a purpose to emphasize emotions. It had the moderately unlucky aspect impact of turning individuals into non-practical basket instances with none method of censoring their feelings. Corriere and Hart got down to develop a type of Primal Remedy that had all the advantages of the remedy however would enable sufferers to stay functional members of society. They believed that the majority people undergo life “moderately insane” however that if a person gave 100% in 5 areas—expression, feeling, exercise, readability, and speak to—he would change into “sane,” outlined as “full experiencing of feelings” and the following step in human evolution.

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The group handled 350 sufferers residing within the Hollywood space of Los Angeles, and tons of extra “outpatients.” Those that have been residents have been seen because the probably to have actual progress. In actuality, the so-known as remedy used social isolation, enforced dependency, psychological and bodily exhaustion, and relentless verbal abuse to maintain sufferers unbalanced and subsequently “too loopy to go away.” Expressing emotions was all that mattered, with one former neighbor of Middle sufferers reporting endless screaming: “I hate you, I f—n’ hate you!,” “I really feel dangerous, I f—n’ really feel dangerous!” and generally “I really feel good, I f—n’ really feel good!” This group used thoughts management and fuel-lighting to induce disgrace and humiliation, ostensibly to assist sufferers attain their emotions however working as a substitute to permit the therapists to fully dominate the patients, which led to bodily and sexual abuse throughout the group. One man was ordered by his therapist to reside like a child for per week, full with child meals, diapers, and a crib. An chubby girl was compelled to take off her shirt, get on all fours, and moo like a cow. Many others reported being stripped, overwhelmed, pressured to chop off contact with their mother and father, pressured to get abortions, raped, and coerced into sexual relations with different sufferers. The Middle closed in 1980, and in 1987 Corriere and Hart were charged with gross negligence, incompetence, affected person abuse, aiding and abetting the unlicensed observe of psychology, false promoting, skilled misrepresentation, and fraud.

4 Aesthetic Realism

abstract artwork background painting
Eli Siegel, an artist and poet residing in Greenwich Village in New York within the Forties, taught a philosophy of what made profitable artwork and the way artwork can affect individuals’s lives. The concepts he developed grew to become Aesthetic Philosophy, the concept every particular person is pushed by a want to really just like the world truthfully whereas additionally wanting to really feel contempt for the world. Aesthetic Philosophy taught that it was the best way one sees the world that causes psychological mishap, and that it’s an moral crucial to do one’s finest to see the world because it actually is. Being crucial is a victory for contempt, which poisons the thoughts and creates unhappiness. The philosophy additionally emphasizes the great thing about opposites, reflecting Siegel’s creative aspect. The concepts appeared benign and humanistic, however they held a darkish aspect.

Siegel believed that he had found the one true path to happiness, and his followers quickly shaped right into a cult round his concepts. Recruitment into the cult normally concerned an invite to a artwork exhibition or drama presentation at Soho’s Terrain Gallery, a entrance for the cult, after which the person could be pressured into Aesthetic Realism courses and later into “session” classes to assist enhance their life. The consultations have been really a type of remedy meant to interrupt down a person’s self-identification and push them into accepting Aesthetic Realist teachings. The important thing method used was “directed origination,” asking main inquiries to trick a possible recruit into making an announcement that conformed to the group’s beliefs, psychologically committing the potential recruit to the place. In 1977, Siegel died of prostate most cancers, and a brand new management composed of his most trusted disciples rose in his place. The cult nonetheless exists, working lectures and workshops on Eli Siegel’s teachings, giving reenactment performances of his consultations, and trying to “cure” homosexuality.

3 LaRouche Motion

Queen of England

Lyndon LaRouche started his highway to cult management as a Marxist residing in Greenwich Village within the Seventies, the place he based the Nationwide Caucus of Labour Committees. He grew to become identified for his dogmatism and sensible theoretical insights, and his followers have been stated to have bodily attacked members of different leftist teams. In 1973, LaRouche intiated “Operation Mop-Up,” an outright struggle on the Communist Social gathering of the USA involving steel pipes, golf equipment, and nunchaku. Throughout this era he developed a set of strategies known as “Past Psychoanalysis,” throughout which LaRouche and his trusted allies would ruthlessly grill followers on their weaknesses, sexual emotions, and private lives, breaking them down psychologically and creating pseudoreligious mania. The aim of all this was political, with LaRouche saying in a memo, “I AM GOING TO MAKE YOU ORGANIZERS—by taking your bedrooms away from you . . . What I shall do is expose to you the merciless act of your sexual impotence . . . I’ll take away from you all hope that you may flee the terrors of politics to the security of ‘private life.’ ” Fears that the federal government was brainwashing members led to the LaRouche group pursuing “deprogramming” utilizing medicine and electrical shock remedy; one of many topics of the method was a British follower who had married LaRouche’s ex-wife.

LaRouche grew to become rich creating laptop software program for the haulage business, and he used this cash to increase his political group within the Seventies and Nineteen Eighties. The motion took a swing from the left to the correct, turning in opposition to liberals and environmentalists and supporting the Reagan administration. He was imprisoned in 1989 for mail fraud and unlawful fundraising however launched in 1994. After his launch, his motion modified focus to its LaRouche Youth Motion, a gaggle of younger followers that hang around university campuses luring in potential recruits with pamphlets. If anybody reveals curiosity in attending a gathering, psychological and emotional manipulation are used to bend them to the group.

Right now, the LaRouche motion stays a dedicated core of followers of a particularly idiosyncratic political philosophy that’s extremely conspiratorial and neither left- nor proper-wing. The motion believes {that a} cabal of firms and European aristocrats led by Prince Philip is behind the worldwide drug commerce and seeks to cut back the Earth’s inhabitants to at least one billion by way of the deindustrialization of the third world. He and his followers consider that the Queen of England is the ultimate threat to humanity, looming over a conspiracy web of Zionists, Jesuits, Freemasons, Rockfellers, environmentalists, fundamentalist Muslims, orthodox Christians, feminists, homosexuals, Satanic rock-and-rollers, and the Worldwide Financial Fund.

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2 Amway Motivational Organizations


The most important multilevel advertising scheme on this planet, Amway works on the premise that you’re your personal boss and purchase Amway merchandise like cleaning soap, water purifiers, nutritional vitamins, and cosmetics to promote for a revenue. To actually earn cash with the system, nonetheless, includes signing up extra individuals into Amway, which provides you a share of any revenue they make. This appears like a pyramid scheme, which it basically is, however the firm doesn’t cost something for becoming a member of or recruiting. What does this must do with cults? Amway has additionally been accused of being a company cult, a enterprise that encourages worker loyalty and enthusiasm by way of the identical ways utilized by spiritual cults. This side of Amway cultism happens by way of its “Amway Motivational Organizations (AMOs),” moderately than the company itself.

AMOs are a collective group of Amway product distributors, or “upline distributors” which search to recruit new individuals into the fold. Their ways of recruitment contain deception, psychological manipulation, and thoughts management. “Downline” distributors are pressured into taking part within the “system of success,” that means buying motivational supplies like movies and attending large pep rallies and conferences. Because the upline distributors don’t must share the revenue of gross sales of motivational merchandise, they’ve an incentive to construct a “downline” gross sales community, utilizing psychological manipulation to create devotion to the model. There’s immense strain to be “profitable,” which implies shopping for into Amway merchandise 100% and reducing off contact with family and friends who don’t help one’s work in “the enterprise.”

Prime distributors change into “Diamonds,” these on the prime of the pyramid who acquire essentially the most revenue from the gross sales community under. At AMO conferences, Diamonds in good fits and glossy attire will converse of the hardships they suffered to realize success whereas movies of their homes, vehicles, and yachts play behind them. That is designed to indoctrinate members into the Amway system of success and to purchase into the narrative with out stopping to examine the figures. AMOs provide a imaginative and prescient of monetary success painted in phrases intently resembling religious salvation, and that is deeply linked with the motivational supplies: “The instruments are elective, however so is success.”

1 Walmart

The concept that Walmart is a cult is, at face worth, a bit ridiculous, till you look nearer. Based on Michael Bergdahl, former “Director of Individuals” for Walmart’s Headquarters, the goal of Walmart recruitment is cult-like commitment and devotion to the “Walmart Approach” and the “Walmart Household.” This devotion is clear within the Walmart Careers Testimonials web page (eliminated in 2013) which incorporates such sycophantic reward as, “Walmart is my Life. After I give it some thought, it’s superb what number of points of my life are touched and made higher by Walmart.” The teachings realized within the recruitment course of are reinforced daily with a required devotional chant, the Walmart cheer.

“Give me a W!
Give me an A!
Give me an L!
Give me a Squiggly!
Give me an M!
Give me an A!
Give me an R!
Give me a T!
What’s that spell?
Who’s primary?
The Buyer! All the time!”

The tradition of Walmart was shaped within the Bible Belt within the Fifties with a corresponding set of values: frugality, self-improvement, obedience, and onerous work. There’s a character cult round founder Sam Walton, who’s all the time known as “Mr. Sam.” Regardless of his dying in 1992, he’s ever-current for Walmart staff (or “associates”), who’re taught “what would Sam do?” and bombarded with guidelines and anecdotes attributed to the corporate founder. Excessive-stage associates as soon as gathered for 7:30 AM Saturday motivational pep rallies that concerned prayer, firm songs, and public humiliation and reward as every supervisor gave their weekly gross sales figures. Managers acted out a ritual of confession as the general public gave step-by-step accounts of what went mistaken and the right way to repair it.

The cultish aspect of Walmart extends past the shops themselves. Curtis DeBerg, professor at California State College, Chico, wrote a e-book in regards to the cultish nature of a campus group linked to Walmart: College students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), now often called Enactus. The group, calling itself “the world’s finest-identified and most profitable program serving to college college students to create neighborhood empowerment initiatives,” is in actuality a way of indoctrinating bright students into the Walmart ideology and funneling them into administration positions. The ideology, in keeping with DeBerg, is “servant management,” during which a supervisor works to empower his staff whereas serving his firm as one among them, even when it means shaving your head or dancing the hula on the street like Sam Watson did. The issue is that the ideology is a farce, created to maintain the managers in line, on level, and vaguely terrified, whereas the true enterprise leaders reap the income.

David Tormsen hopes the key to success doesn’t contain consuming dried ants.


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