Feces are waste—so they need to not be priceless. We simply dump it and overlook all about it. That is despite the fact that some items of excrement on the market are value lots of of hundreds and even thousands and thousands of {dollars}. And but individuals truly pay sewer and water payments to do away with their poop.

It’s not simply human feces which can be priceless, although. Animal excreta truly prime the listing. Most of the time, it’s because their poop incorporates some materials that can be utilized to make priceless merchandise. In different circumstances, the poop itself is taken into account uncooked materials or a priceless piece of historical past.

10 Ambergris

Ambergris is fecal gold. It’s uncommon sufficient that discovering a sufficiently big hunk of it might make you an prompt millionaire. In 2016, three fishermen from Oman discovered a 80-kilogram (176 lb) piece of ambergris valued at $3 million. The identical 12 months, a UK couple discovered a 1.57-kilogram (3.46 lb) lump that offered for $70,000.[1]

People have been utilizing ambergris for over 1,000 years. At the moment, it’s thought of an necessary ingredient within the manufacture of perfumes. Centuries in the past, individuals thought it was hardened sea foam or the poop of some massive fowl. We solely received our solutions within the 1800s, when whaling ships began looking sperm whales for his or her priceless oils.

Sailors found that ambergris is produced by sperm whales. It’s product of the beaks and different laborious components of squid and cuttlefish that the whales eat. Sperm whales can’t digest these laborious components and vomit them out as a substitute. Nevertheless, some handle to get into their intestines, the place they get lined in ambergris.

The ambergris mass can stay contained in the whale for a number of years till the animal both vomits or poops it out. Some additionally suppose that ambergris lumps often change into so massive that they destroy the whale’s gut, killing it. There are speculations that ambergris may be produced by pygmy and dwarf sperm whales due to their related weight-reduction plan.

9 Piero Manzoni’s Feces

Someday in 1961, Italian artist Piero Manzoni determined to create some unusual paintings together with his feces. He pooped in 90 cans, sealed them shut, and put them on sale. He known as them Merda d’Artista (Artist’s S–t) and labeled every can “Artist’s S–t, Freshly Preserved, Produced and Tinned in Could 1961.” The worth was decided by the price of the identical weight in gold.

Manzoni died in 1963, however his poop sells like hotcakes at this time. Tate artwork gallery in London acquired one for £22,350 ($30,000) in 2007. The identical 12 months, a second can auctioned for £81,000 ($108,000) in Milan. One other one offered for £182,500 ($242,000) in 2016. By 2017, they had been value round $300,000 and can price thousands and thousands of {dollars} inside a number of years.

Apparently, Agostino Bonalumi, who labored with Manzoni on the time he canned his feces, stated the cans truly comprise plaster and never poop. Bonalumi added that Manzoni solely known as them canned poop as a result of he wished to show that artwork collectors would purchase any costly merchandise labeled as artwork, even whether it is poop.

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These claims may very well be true, contemplating that Manzoni had an eccentric behavior of making uncommon artworks. He exhibited plain white sheets, boiled eggs, and a balloon as artwork throughout his life. He additionally sealed some papers inside a field and known as it a murals. He added that the sealed field ought to not be thought of artwork the second the seal is damaged.

Bonalumi has dared patrons to open the cans to see in the event that they actually comprise plaster. Nevertheless, patrons are usually not curious about opening their cans over issues that the worth would tank.[2] No less than one can was opened in 1989. Its contents had been wrapped, nonetheless, and the opener of the can didn’t unwrap them.

8 Elvis Presley

In 2012, mild blue underwear worn by Elvis Presley went on public sale. One account merely mentions that the underwear was stained across the crotch space, whereas one other explicitly states that it was stained with poop. Elvis Presley wore the underwear below a jumpsuit he donned for a 1977 present.

The public sale ended with the briefs unsold after a number of patrons supplied to purchase it for £5,000, which was £2,000 lower than the £7,000 reserve value.[3] The auctioneers had hoped it could promote for £10,000.

Different gadgets owned by Elvis Presley had been efficiently offered on the public sale. One was a Bible he had used since 1957. Elvis wrote notes within the Bible and underlined statements he discovered of curiosity. The Bible offered for £59,000, means above the anticipated £25,000.

7 Meter-Lengthy Fossilized Poop

In 2012, an unnamed man dug up a 102-centimeter-long (40 in), brownish-yellow coprolite belonging to an unidentified animal that lived in what’s now Toledo, Washington, thousands and thousands of years in the past (between six and 33 million, relying on the supply). A coprolite is fossilized fecal matter.

The traditional poop offered at public sale for $10,370 in 2014. Nevertheless, some critics say the coprolite is definitely a pseudo-coprolite. Pseudo-coprolites are supplies that appear like dung however are actually one thing else. Critics suppose this one was constituted of volcanic ash that entered a swamp and become clay.

Skeptics reached this conclusion as a result of the so-called coprolite didn’t comprise something that gave the impression to be digested matter. There was, nonetheless, a considerable amount of siderite, a mineral primarily product of iron. This means that it’s only a rock and never a coprolite.[4]

6 Elephant Dung

The dung of elephants residing in Thailand’s Golden Triangle is used to make one of many world’s costliest coffees. The espresso is named Black Ivory and is made with espresso beans picked from the dung of elephants. The Golden Triangle itself is the world the place the Thailand meets with the borders of Laos and Myanmar.

A pound of Black Ivory espresso offered for $500 as of 2012. A cup price $50. The producer says the espresso has a definite, non-bitter style as a result of the beans have been processed by acids within the abdomen of the elephant. Their style has additionally been altered by the flavour of the sugarcane, banana, and no matter else the elephants eat.

A beer was additionally been constituted of elephant poop in 2013. It was known as Un, Kono Kuro and was bottled by the Japan-based Sankt Gallen brewery, which marketed it as a chocolate stout, despite the fact that it doesn’t comprise chocolate however, once more, espresso beans picked from the feces of elephants residing within the Golden Triangle.

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Un, Kono Kuro was fairly expensive as a result of the espresso beans are costly. 35 grams of the elephant-refined espresso beans price $100. The elephants produce simply 1 kilogram of usable espresso beans for each 33 kilograms they eat.[5] However, Un, Kono Kuro offered out inside minutes when put up on the market on-line. Sankt Gallen stated they’d plans to supply it on faucet at their then-new Tokyo location.

5 Guano

Guano is the excreta of seabirds and bats and is used as fertilizer. It was a giant deal within the nineteenth century, when america and different Europeans nations did virtually something to get their palms on it. Guano was so priceless that Peru, a significant producer, funded most of its price range with the cash it constituted of exporting it.

America was so curious about accessing guano that it handed the Guano Islands Act of 1856. The act permits US residents to grab unclaimed guano-rich islands within the title of america. The US president can select to incorporate the island as part of US territory and even defend it with navy power. The legislation continues to be within the books and has by no means been repealed.[6]

Peru and Spain additionally went to battle after Spain seized Peru’s guano-rich Chincha Islands in 1864. The 2-year-long Chincha Islands Warfare ended with the defeat of Spain by the mixed militaries of Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru. Guano was additionally an oblique explanation for the Warfare of the Pacific (1879–1883) between Peru and Chile.

Peru nonetheless mines guano at this time, despite the fact that it not funds most of its price range with the cash it makes from it. Most of the guano is utilized by native farmers, whereas a smaller portion is exported overseas as natural fertilizer.

4 Panda Dung

An Shi was a professor at Sichuan College in China. He was additionally the inventor of a course of that enables farmers to make use of panda feces as fertilizer for his or her tea vegetation, for which he was awarded a patent in 2011. An stated that tea constituted of the panda poop-fertilized vegetation may forestall most cancers. There was a catch, although. He anticipated a kilogram of the tea to price $69,000, making it probably the world’s costliest tea.[7]

An stated the panda dung fertilizer would work as a result of bamboo prevents most cancers. Bamboo is the first weight-reduction plan of pandas. Nevertheless, pandas solely course of 30 % of the bamboo they eat. They cross the remaining 70 % out of their our bodies of their poop. An maintained that their dung will switch its cancer-preventing properties to the tea when used as fertilizer.

Scientists had been skeptical about An’s claims, although. There isn’t a analysis to show that tea grown with panda dung fertilizer can forestall most cancers. Additionally they didn’t perceive how he arrived at a value for the tea earlier than it was even produced.

3 Civet Cat Poop

Kopi luwak can be one of many world’s costliest coffees. A cup offered for as much as $90 within the US in 2015. On this case, the espresso is made with partially digested espresso beans picked from the feces of the civet cat. The civet cat will not be a cat however an in depth relative of the mongoose.

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Today, kopi luwak is made with espresso beans picked from the dung of civet cats reared below inhumane situations in farms in Indonesia and Philippines. The civets are locked in cages that don’t present sufficient room for them to roam round. They’re fed with solely espresso beans, despite the fact that they eat a wide range of meals within the wild. The confinement takes its toll on the civets, inflicting them to behave abnormally. They run round in circles and inflict accidents on themselves.

Most kopi luwak sellers deny data of those claims and demand that their espresso is just made with the poop of untamed civets. Nevertheless, skeptics say that may be unimaginable as a result of the sellers can’t maintain their companies with beans picked from the dung of untamed civets.

Others say the supposedly clean style of kopi luwak is hype and nothing else. 4 espresso tasters indicated this throughout a blind style take a look at involving six forms of espresso, together with kopi luwak. The tasters put kopi luwak in fourth place. The primary-place espresso was ten instances cheaper than the kopi luwak.[8]

2 Jacu Hen Dung


Jacu fowl espresso is yet one more costly espresso constituted of animal dung. Because the title implies, it’s constituted of the poop of the wild jacu fowl that lives in Brazil.

Brazilian farmer Henrique Sloper de Araujo invented jacu fowl espresso after he seen jacus from the close by nationwide park had been consuming espresso beans in his 740-acre farm in Pedra Azul. Araujo already knew about kopi luwak and thought he may make one thing related from the fowl. He tracked the birds and checked their poop for undigested espresso beans.

In 2006, he first launched jacu fowl espresso. Presently, a kilogram of it prices £700. Araujo says the espresso is among the many finest on this planet as a result of the birds solely eat the ripest espresso beans. He added that the birds additionally eat apricots, truffles, and berries, giving the espresso a definite nut-like style.[9]

1 Lloyds Financial institution Coprolite

In 1972, building employees found a 20-centimeter-long and 5-centimeter-wide (8 x 2 in) piece of human excrement whereas excavating with a view to construct a brand new department of Lloyds Financial institution in York, England. Historians say the poop was handed by somebody residing within the Viking-ruled York someday within the ninth century.

Historians added that the producer of the feces had intestinal issues and had been unable to poop for a number of days earlier than dropping this. Exams revealed that he consumed a weight-reduction plan heavy on meat and bread. The poop is valued at $39,000. Nevertheless, it’s not at present on the market and is held on the Jorvic Viking Centre in York.[10]


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