Mankind has lengthy been fascinated with birds due to their mysteriousness, seasonal disappearances, skill to fly, and freedom to go the place we merely couldn’t for the longest time. Everybody’s aware of some mythological birds just like the phoenix, however the world’s mythology can get approach stranger than that.

10 Benu

The Benu Hen was an Egyptian version of the extra well-known phoenix. In Egyptian creation mythology, the Benu hen flew over the floor of chaos, landed, and set free a scream that broke the unique primordial silence. This cry was mentioned to resolve what could be on this world and what wouldn’t be. Historically, the Benu hen carefully resembles a heron however has flame-colored feathers and infrequently a human head. It was carefully related to the Egyptian solar god, a lot in order that the picture of the Benu hen got here to check with the solar god himself, typically depicted carrying a crown.

The Benu hen was mentioned to resume himself daily, rising with the solar and renewing himself within the solar’s rays. His functionality to resume himself meant he was additionally related to Osiris, the useless, and the concepts of resurrection. The unique Benu hen that created the world was born from flame on the high of a Persea tree that stood on the highest of an obelisk. Later tales share much more facets of the phoenix—Herodotus tells the story of the Benu hen residing for 500 years earlier than setting itself on hearth and being reborn from the ashes. The ashes have been then positioned on an altar to the solar god.

9 Anzu

Anzu is an ancient Sumerian bird with the physique of an eagle and the pinnacle of a lion. It was so large that the one tree large enough to carry its nest was the tree that straddled the seven heads of the river of the solar god, Utu. Anzu’s flight would kick up monumental sand and dirt storms, his scream would make the entire world shake, and even the gods considered him as a virtually invincible menace.

In response to the legend, the enormous hen stole the Pill of Destinies, which gave him the powers of the gods and energy over the mortal world. Enlil, the son of the god Anzu stole the tablets from, is distributed into the primordial, partially-created world to cease him and return energy to the gods, unleashing floodwaters together with the winds and storms that form the world. A lot later, Assyrian kings have been credited with being those that had slain the enormous hen, permitting for nice tales of epic battles to be written in regards to the space’s mortal rulers.

Authentic tales about Anzu are among the many oldest identified of the “fight myths,” wherein a hero is tasked to go off and tackle a formidable foe. Anzu and Enlil’s epic has been dated to about 1200 BC. Anzu additionally reveals up in a lot later folklore in Israel, the place sacrifices are supplied to appease him.

8 Boobrie

The boobrie is a shape-shifting bird from the mythology and folklore of the Scottish Highlands. Moderately than utilizing its wings to fly, it extra generally makes use of them to swim by way of the lakes and wells the place it hunts. Effectively-known as a mimic, the boobrie will typically imitate the cries of an injured child animal, grabbing and drowning any grownup animal curious sufficient to return shut and examine. It prefers cattle and sheep however may even eat otters if wanted.

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The boobrie additionally has the power to shape-shift right into a horse and stroll on water on this kind, and it may well additionally flip into an insect to suck the blood from horses. There are stories of hunters who’ve sworn they’ve seen a water-horse—one other legendary creature of Scottish folklore—however upon nearer inspection of the tracks left behind, they see the distinctive, antler-shaped tracks distinctive to the boobrie. In response to eyewitnesses, the boobrie has a protracted white neck, broad wingspan, lengthy beak, brief legs, large partially-webbed toes, and a cry that seems like a bull.

7 Garuda (Karura)

In Hindu mythology, Garuda is a hen belonging to Lord Vishnu, massive sufficient for him to experience and so brilliantly coloured that he’s typically mistaken for the god of fireplace. Regardless that he wasn’t created as a god, he’s typically worshiped as such.

He’s additionally present in Japanese mythology, the place he’s often known as Karura. Some depictions of Karura present a creature that’s half human and half hen, typically having quite a few arms, wings, and feathers. Curiously, a few of the Hindu and Japanese photos of Garuda and Karura are nearly equivalent. In Japan, he’s nearly all the time proven holding or taking part in the flute. Garuda normally has the physique, arms, and legs of a person and the wings, head, and talons of an eagle, with good golden feathers.

Each variations of him characterize the king of all birds, and he can fly quicker than the wind. Each variations additionally give him a mortal enemy within the naga–evil, serpent-like creatures that threaten the world’s pure stability. It was Garuda that was chargeable for the immortality of the naga. When the naga kidnapped his mom, he secured her launch by buying and selling them ambrosia, and so they grew to become an immortal enemy of his.

6 Chamrosh

The Chamrosh is a hen in Persian mythology mentioned to stay on the summit of Mount Alborz. It’s described as having the physique of a canine or wolf with the pinnacle and wings of a hen (eagle). It was mentioned to inhabit the bottom beneath the soma tree that was the roost of the Senmurv (head of a canine and physique of a hen). When the Senmurv descended or alighted from its nest, all of the ripened seeds fell to the earth. These seeds have been gathered by the Chamrosh, which then distributed them to different elements of the earth.

An outline of the Chamrosh is within the Persian Rivayats: “The Creator Ohrmazd has produced on the shores of the ocean Vourukasha a tree and two birds who’re immortal and with out loss of life. Yearly a thousand new branches spring up from that tree, and every kind of seeds grasp on these branches, and all these seeds turn out to be ripe. A hen known as Amrosh comes and sits on one of many branches, shakes it, and scatters all of the seeds right down to the bottom. One other hen known as Chamrosh comes and strikes all of the seeds with its wings and sides and throws them into the ocean. All these seeds go inside a cloud stuffed with rain, and that cloud rains on the bottom, and all of the seeds seem on the earth.”

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5 Stymphalian Birds And Ornithes Areioi

The Stymphalian birds, or Stympahalides, have been flesh-eating birds from Greek mythology. Killing the birds was one of many labors of Heracles, as they’d lengthy been terrorizing Arkadia’s Lake Stymphalis. When he reached the lake the place the flock of birds lived, he discovered he couldn’t get to them with out sinking into the swamp. Athena gave him a rattle, although, and the sound of the rattle made the birds take flight. He shot some, and those who flew away resettled on an island. There, they have been renamed the Ornithes Areioi and have been ultimately discovered by Jason as he was searching for the Golden Fleece. Extra have been killed by the Greek sailors.

The birds have been initially described as perpetually hungry, carnivorous birds who attacked folks and devoured them. They have been mentioned to have been raised by Ares and be capable to hearth feathers from their wings with the energy of arrows. There are totally different variations of the Stymphalian birds in later myths, together with one wherein they’re truly temple guardians of Artemis. The one bird-like factor about them is their toes. In one other, they’re the human daughters of Stymphalus, killed by Heracles as a result of he believed they hadn’t welcomed him into their residence with sufficient graciousness and honor.

4 Strige

The Strige, or Strix, are creatures additionally originating in Greek mythology. They ultimately grew to become a part of Roman mythology and the spiritual mythology of Europe within the Center Ages. Initially, they have been a part of a narrative about two brothers who have been was wild animals as punishment for consuming one other individual. One became a strix, condemned to a life the other way up with out meals or drink, whose despairing cries might be heard at night time.

It’s up for debate simply what a Strix or Strige is. In Latin, the phrase “Strix” may be interpreted as a screech-owl. In some locations, the Strix is extra generally related to vampires or witches. In response to some texts, the creature is a hen of prey throughout the day and a witch at night. It’s the witches which can be mentioned to strangle kids and drain their blood, however—very similar to a vampire—an amulet made out of garlic may be positioned across the baby’s neck to thrust back the Strix. In Pliny’s Pure Historical past, they’re described as an actual creature, however he additionally admits that he doesn’t know a lot about them. Within the Center Ages, they made the soar from classical mythology to Christian mythology once they have been mentioned to be servants of the satan.

3 Liderc

The liderc is a creature from Hungarian mythology that appears like a featherless hen. There are a number of several types of liderc, and this one is named a mit-make. Carefully related to witches, it’s mentioned that they’ll merely seem of their properties or hatch from an egg that they incubate beneath their arms. The liderc will act because the witch’s acquainted, tirelessly performing activity after activity for her however finally killing her if not saved busy sufficient. It’s mentioned one of many solely methods to maintain this from occurring is to provide the liderc an unimaginable activity, like carrying water in a bucket with holes in it.

One other kind of liderc is one which has been impressed by the tales of the incubus and succubus. Human in each approach aside from sporting the leg of a goose, this liderc preys on people who lament the lack of a partner. They seem each night time, and their relentless affections will trigger the goal of these affections to progressively waste away. To eliminate a liderc and forestall it from coming again, steal the shoe or foot it wears on its human foot.

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2 Cinnamologus

The cinnamalogus is probably one of many strangest explanations for a naturally occurring commodity. Way back to the fifth century BC, cinnamon was a extremely desired spice. In response to Greek writers like Pliny the Elder and Herodotus, probably the most precious cinnamon was that which was gathered by the cinnamologus. Pliny the Elder’s Pure Historical past says that these giants birds construct their nests solely from sticks of cinnamon that they collect from cinnamon bushes. Since they’re so excessive up within the bushes and delicate, the one approach to get the cinnamon down is to throw lead balls up on the nests to knock the cinnamon sticks unfastened.

The identical story is advised later by Isidore of Seville within the seventh century, whereas Herodotus tells a barely totally different model of the story of the cinnamologus within the fifth century. In response to the historian, these Arabian birds accumulate the sticks and construct their nests excessive up on sheer rock faces, cementing them in place with mud. Those that are amassing the cinnamon lower oxen and different massive animals into massive items, leaving them on the base of the cliff and attractive the birds to hold them as much as their nests. The nests can’t help the load of the prey and fall, permitting them to gather the cinnamon—and promote it for fairly the revenue.

1 Hoopoe

The hoopoe is an oddly-named hen that’s each an actual creature and the stuff of some conflicting mythologies. In Arab mythology, the hoopoe is considered an enlightened hen with therapeutic and water divination powers. It’s additionally the hoopoe that was mentioned to have rescued King Solomon when he was stranded within the desert, having gathered a flock collectively to shade him with their wings.

Within the bestiaries of Pliny the Elder and Isidore of Seville, the hoopoe is advised to be one of many few creatures whose younger will care for their elders once they develop previous and weak. Nevertheless, the hen additionally has quite a lot of different much less charming tales related to it. Isidore says it’s always seen around graveyards. A legend from Japanese European mythology states that when God created the hoopoe, he introduced the hen with all the standard meals that birds have a tendency to love. The hoopoe refused to eat any of them, although, and as punishment, God condemned the hen to without end solely eat the excrement of different animals.


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