[IMPORTANT: This list contain a competition.] For many people the Bible is a supply of inspiration, a teller of great tales, and an ethical information. But when we have been to selectively take sure tales within the summary we might be horribly misguided. This checklist goes to introduce ten characters from the Bible who have been definitely not following the ethical information in the exact same E-book which chronicles their lives and experiences. These are however ten of the vilest villains within the Sacred Scriptures; alas many extra abound. Be sure you identify and disgrace the remainder within the feedback.


Herod Antipas

St Luke 13:31-33


Antipas was a pathetic and weak man who – on the behest of his soon-to-be mistress “salome” (his step-daughter) carried out her demand (originating from her mom Herodias – merchandise 9) to homicide John the Baptist. In what might be his most well-known second he stood in judgement of Jesus Christ when Pontius Pilate felt incapable of the duty. Antipas – anticipating a miracle – was most aggravated at Jesus’ silence so despatched him again to Pilate to be murdered upon the calls for of the Jews.

Antipas didn’t simply behead John the Baptist – however that alone makes his worthy for a spot on this checklist. Fittingly he died in exile after plotting to overthrow Emperor Caligula.

[I]n ipsa die accesserunt quidam Pharisaeorum dicentes illi exi et vade hinc quia Herodes vult te occidere. Et ait illis ite dicite vulpi illi ecce eicio daemonia et sanitates perficio hodie et cras et tertia consummor. Verumtamen oportet me hodie et cras et sequenti ambulare quia non capit prophetam perire further Hierusalem.

The similar day, there got here a few of the Pharisees, saying to him: Depart, and get thee therefore, for Herod hath a thoughts to kill thee. And he mentioned to them: Go and inform that fox, Behold, I solid out devils, and do cures as we speak and tomorrow, and the third day I’m consummated. However I have to stroll as we speak and tomorrow, and the day following, as a result of it can’t be {that a} prophet perish, out of Jerusalem. — St Luke 13:31-33



St Mark 6:22-25


Herodias was clearly destined to a lifetime of evil – marrying first Herod II, the son of the evil Herod “the Nice” (merchandise 2 on this checklist) after which falsely divorcing him to marry his far viler brother Herod Antipas (Merchandise 10 – immediately above). Her lifetime of crime didn’t finish with bigamy. Saint John the Baptist was slightly vocal on the time in regards to the bigamous marriage of Herodias and Herod Antipas and it raised the ire of the adulteress – to a degree the place she wouldn’t be comfortable till she noticed him slaughtered.

Seeing how enamored her new husband (Herod Antipas) was along with her daughter (his step-daughter – Salome) she provided the lady to him in change for the arrest of St John. Herod being slightly a weak man took her up on the very beneficiant supply – appeasing the ill-feeling of Salome in regards to the association by promising to grant her any want ought to she “lie” with him. That is the place Herodias was in a position to cleverly execute her plan. She satisfied her daughter to “get collectively” along with her father-in-law as a way to have the Baptist killed.

After the well-known dance of the seven veils, Salome instructed her father-in-law that she was his – and she or he named her want (in actuality the want of her witch of a mom Herodias): the top of John the Baptist. Comfortable to dick his brother’s spouse however to not renege on a promise to his new teenage mattress pal, Herod had no alternative however to command it’s performed. Salome has gone down in historical past as the lady who had St John killed; however in actuality it was her evil conniving mom Herodias who was behind all of it.

If this story pursuits you, you’ll in all probability love the Oscar Wilde play Salome. Right here is the whole movie on youtube of an unbelievable interpretation of his play by the good director Charles Bryant starring the unbelievable Alla Nazimova with the units and costumes mimicking these designed by Aubrey Beardsley (Salome illustration above) who died a the younger age of twenty-five.

[C]umque introisset filia ipsius Herodiadis et saltasset et placuisset Herodi simulque recumbentibus rex ait puellae pete a me quod vis et dabo tibi et iuravit illi quia quicquid petieris dabo tibi licet dimidium regni mei quae cum exisset dixit matri suae quid petam et illa dixit caput Iohannis Baptistae cumque introisset statim cum festinatione advert regem petivit dicens volo ut protinus des mihi in disco caput Iohannis Baptistae.

And when the daughter of the identical Herodias had are available in, and had danced, and happy Herod, and them that have been at desk with him, the king mentioned to the damsel: Ask of me what thou wilt, and I’ll give it thee. And he swore to her: In anyway thou shalt ask I’ll give thee, although it’s the half of my kingdom. Who when she was gone out, mentioned to her mom, What shall I ask? However she mentioned: The head of John the Baptist. And when she was are available in instantly with haste to the king, she requested, saying: I’ll that forthwith thou give me in a dish, the top of John the Baptist. — St Mark 6:22-25


Throughout the start of man God suspended the legal guidelines of incest; due to this fact it was potential for Adam and Eve to have youngsters who may marry one another and have their very own youngsters. However earlier than we even get to the second era of Adam and Eve we discover hassle with the primary. Cain and Abel have been brothers – the kids of our first mother and father. Abel was dedicated to God and made many choices to him – notably his prize fatted sheep.

Cain additionally made many choices however – extraorindarily keen on meat – provided fruit as a substitute. God, clearly being a religious carnivore was much more excited about Abel’s choices and gave him a lot reward for them – and albeit who wouldn’t want a aspect of lamb over a basket of plums? Cain, being the jealous kind determined to take issues into his personal palms.

He satisfied his brother to take a look at the newly laid fields and while rollicking amongst the Einkorn wheat (the unique wheat that doesn’t trigger an obesity crisis) pulled out his sword and shoved it firmly in his brother who, sadly, had his again to him. It’s a very well-known story and right here it’s as instructed by the Sacred Scriptures:

Adam vero cognovit Havam uxorem suam quae concepit et peperit Cain dicens possedi hominem per Dominum. Rursusque peperit fratrem eius Abel fuit autem Abel pastor ovium et Cain agricola. Factum est autem put up multos dies ut offerret Cain de fructibus terrae munera Domino. Abel quoque obtulit de primogenitis gregis sui et de adipibus eorum et respexit Dominus advert Abel et advert munera eius. Advert Cain vero et advert munera illius non respexit iratusque est Cain vehementer et concidit vultus eius. Dixitque Dominus advert eum quare maestus es et cur concidit facies tua. Nonne si bene egeris recipies sin autem male statim in foribus peccatum aderit sed sub te erit appetitus eius et tu dominaberis illius. Dixitque Cain advert Abel fratrem suum egrediamur foras cumque essent in agro consurrexit Cain adversus Abel fratrem suum et interfecit eum

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And Adam knew Eve his spouse: who conceived and introduced forth Cain, saying: I’ve gotten a person via God. And once more she introduced forth his brother Abel. And Abel was a shepherd, and Cain a husbandman. And it got here to move after many days, that Cain provided, of the fruits of the earth, items to the Lord. Abel additionally provided of the firstlings of his flock, and of their fats: and the Lord had respect [Had respect: That is, shewed his acceptance of his sacrifice (as coming from a heart full of devotion): and that, as we may suppose, by some visible token, such as sending fire from heaven upon his offerings.] to Abel, and to his choices. However to Cain and his choices he had no respect: and Cain was exceedingly indignant, and his countenance fell. And the Lord mentioned to him: Why artwork thou indignant? and why is thy countenance fallen? If thou do nicely, shalt thou not obtain? but when sick, shall not sin forthwith be current on the door? however the lust thereof shall be below thee, and thou shalt have dominion over it. And Cain mentioned to Abel his brother: Allow us to go forth overseas. And after they have been within the area, Cain rose up towards his brother Abel, and slew him. — Genesis 4:1-8


Jehoram of Judah

2 Paralipomenon 21:4


Undoubtedly you will have heard the phrase “leaping’ Jehoshaphat!” Joram (generally often called Jehoram) was Jehoshaphat’s son. Really he was one in all seven sons – no surprise Jehoshaphat was leaping – you’d be too with seven infants’ nappies to alter. Joram reigned collectively together with his father for some time however, realizing his father’s time was drawing brief, determined he wanted to cement his place as sole ruler of the Kingdom of Judah. With six brothers it’s no surprise he was slightly edgy in regards to the succession to the throne.

So Joram did what any co-regent would do below the circumstances. He took a sword and slashed the throats of his bros. Single-handedly this megalomaniac dismembered his little brothers. If that isn’t evil I don’t know what’s. Oh wait – sure I do – see the following merchandise. Oh – by the best way – in case you’re questioning what turned of previous Jehoram: he died when his bowels fell out (2 paralipomenon 21:16-19).

[S]urrexit ergo Ioram tremendous regnum patris sui cumque se confirmasset occidit omnes fratres suos gladio et quosdam de principibus Israhel.

So Joram rose up over the dominion of his father: and when he had established himself, he slew all his brethren with the sword, and a few of the princes of Israel. — 2 Paralipomenon 21:4

541566 Abimelech-Slays-His-Seventy-Brethren

Cain and Jehoram deserve a spot on this checklist indisputably, but when they’re right here – so ought to Abimelech be. He didn’t kill one brother; he didn’t kill six brothers, he killed seventy! Sure. That isn’t a typo. He murdered all however one in all his brothers! Clearly his father, Jerobaal, had a number of spare time on his palms. So anyway – after butchering his brothers the native metropolis folks declared him king (not surprisingly). After this slightly vile second of evil the Scriptures go on to inform the fairly random story of speaking timber – after all – that is sensible! Comply with the hyperlink under and browse the rest of the story to listen to in regards to the speaking timber.

[A]biit autem Abimelech filius Hierobbaal in Sychem advert fratres matris suae et locutus est advert eos et advert omnem cognationem domus patris matris suae dicens. Loquimini advert omnes viros Sychem quid vobis est melius ut dominentur vestri septuaginta viri omnes filii Hierobbaal an ut dominetur vobis unus vir simulque thoughtful quia os vestrum et caro vestra sum. Locutique sunt fratres matris eius de eo advert omnes viros Sychem universos sermones istos et inclinaverunt cor eorum put up Abimelech dicentes frater noster est. Dederuntque illi septuaginta pondo argenti de fano Baalbrith qui conduxit sibi ex eo viros inopes et vagos secutique sunt eum. Et venit in domum patris sui Ephra et occidit fratres suos filios Hierobbaal septuaginta viros tremendous lapidem unum remansitque Ioatham filius Hierobbaal minimus et absconditus est.

And Abimelech the son of Jerobaal went to Sichem to his mom’s brethren and spoke to them, and to all of the kindred of his mom’s father, saying: Converse to all the boys of Sichem: whether or not is best for you that seventy males all of the sons of Jerobaal ought to rule over you, or that one man ought to rule over you? And withal think about that I’m your bone, and your flesh. And his mom’s brethren spoke of him to all the boys of Sichem, all these phrases, and so they inclined their hearts after Abimelech, saying: He’s our brother: They usually gave him seventy weight of silver out of the temple of Baalberith: wherewith he employed to himself males that have been needy, and vagabonds, and so they adopted him. And he got here to his father’s home in Ephra, and slew his brethren the sons of Jerobaal, seventy males, upon one stone: and there remained solely Joatham the youngest son of Jerobaal, who was hidden. — Judges 9:1-5


Lot and Gabriel

Judges 19:1-29


After we consider previous folks we often consider kindly previous grandparents who give us sweet and love all the pieces we do. Not so in Biblical instances. The Outdated Man from Ephraim (most of you’ll know him as Lot) was undoubtedly not your stereotypical grandpa. After inviting some random touring man (who seems to be the angel Gabriel) into his home for a sleep over, the native village males go on a horn-fest and demand the visitor be given to them for a very good quaint Biblical gang-bang.

This actually is within the Bible by the way – homosexual gang bangs – who would have thought it?! Lot summons up his morals and refuses handy over the person. However he has a greater different: he palms over his virgin daughter and the concubine of the visiting stranger (you possibly can’t journey with out a concubine within the Bible after all – even if you’re an angel). The village males – content material to rape something they will get their palms on – agree to go away the angel behind and take off with the concubine (clearly the virginal daughter was a canine) for the night time.

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However wait – it will get worse. The subsequent morning the poor concubine is left in a heap on the door step of the Lot’s home. Any individual with any civility would, after all, take her in and clear her gashes – undoubtedly there are numerous wounds left after an evening of Biblical village rape. However is that what occurs? No. The visitor – collectively evil with Lot – thinks the concubine is useless and carries her residence on his ass. Upon arriving residence he doesn’t verify his heavenly emails – he grabs a knife and chops her into twelves bits and posts her across the nation. As you do. Don’t consider me? Right here’s the proof:

[A]t mulier recedentibus tenebris venit advert ostium domus ubi manebat dominus suus et ibi corruit. Mane facto surrexit homo et aperuit ostium ut coeptam expleret viam et ecce concubina eius iacebat ante ostium sparsis in limine manibus. Cui ille putans eam quiescere loquebatur surge ut ambulemus qua nihil respondente intellegens quod erat tulit eam et inposuit asino reversusque est in domum suam. Quam cum esset ingressus arripuit gladium et cadaver uxoris cum ossibus suis in duodecim partes ac frusta concidens misit in omnes terminos Israhel.

However the lady, on the dawning of the day, got here to the door of the home the place her lord [Gabriel] lodged, and there fell down. And within the morning the person arose, and opened the door that he may finish the journey he had begun: and behold his concubine lay earlier than the door along with her palms unfold on the brink. He pondering she was taking her relaxation, mentioned to her: Come up, and allow us to be going. However as she made no reply, perceiving she was useless, he took her up, and laid her upon his ass, and returned to his home. And when he was come residence he took a sword, and divided the useless physique of his spouse [concubine] along with her bones into twelve components, and despatched the items into all of the borders of Israel. — Judges 19:26-29



4 Kings 9:32-35


Jezebel wasn’t only a whore – she was a butchering murderous bitch. Being a worshipper of Baal (a satan) she decided to transform her nation-by-marriage (Israel – she was a Phoenician princess married to a Jewish king) to the identical faith. In order to take action she butchered as many Jewish prophets as she may spherical up; and she or he rounded up fairly just a few!

This isn’t totally unusual within the previous testomony because the Jews incessantly killed their prophets; however Jezebel needed to go one worse. Not content material to homicide the prophets to cease them spreading their “wickedness” she sacrificed infants to her god of stone to appease him. Elijah – her chief protagonist at the very least has an opportunity for vengeance and finally slaughtered the 450 prophets of Baal. Jezebel got here to a ruinous finish when she was solid from a window by three Eunuchs whereupon she was trampled to dying by horses and finally eaten by canine, abandoning her solely her toes, cranium, and palms.

[L]evavitque Hieu faciem suam advert fenestram et ait quae est ista et inclinaverunt se advert eum duo vel tres eunuchi. At ille dixit eis praecipitate eam deorsum et praecipitaverunt eam aspersusque est sanguine paries et equorum ungulae qui conculcaverunt eam. Cumque ingressus esset et comederet bibissetque ait ite videte maledictam illam et sepelite eam quia filia regis est. Cumque issent ut sepelirent eam non invenerunt nisi calvariam et pedes et summas manus.

And Jehu lifted up his face to the window, and mentioned: Who is that this? And two or three eunuchs bowed all the way down to him. And he mentioned to them: Throw her down headlong: and so they threw her down, and the wall was sprinkled along with her blood, and the hoofs of the horses trod upon her. And when he was are available in, to eat, and to drink, he mentioned: Go, and see after that cursed lady, and bury her: as a result of she is a king’s daughter. And after they went to bury her, they discovered nothing however the cranium, and the toes, and the extremities of her palms. — 4 Kings 9:32-35



Judges 11:36-39


As so usually we see within the Outdated Testomony, the Jews turned grasping and fell into depraved methods. When that occurred God usually offered them into slavery of kinds. On the time of Jephthah the slave-owners have been the Philistines and the Ammonites. Being considerably of a very good fighter his fellow Jews ask him to be their chief in battle, however that’s not sufficient for Grasping Jephthat who decides that he desires to be the supreme chief of the Jews for good (a king in a way). His fellow males agree on the situation that he beats the enemy.

To make sure that shall be victorious over his enemies he makes a particular cope with God: if he can beat the Ammonites he’ll supply as a burnt sacrifice to God the very first thing or individual that comes out of the door to greet him upon his return. He wins his battle – heads residence – and the very first thing he sees is: his virgin daughter. Not overcome with emotion or love of his lovely firstborn he thinks solely of his promise. Subsequent minute the daughter is ash on the pyre. Sure – the evil bastard baked his daughter so he might be king.

NOTE: this interpretation exists solely within the King James model of the Bible written within the 1500s – the unique Catholic Bible has the lady provided up as a virgin for the remainder of her life.

[C]ui illa respondit pater mi si aperuisti os tuum advert Dominum fac mihi quodcumque pollicitus es concessa tibi ultione atque victoria de hostibus tuis. Dixitque advert patrem hoc solum mihi praesta quod deprecor dimitte me ut duobus mensibus circumeam montes et plangam virginitatem meam cum sodalibus meis. Cui ille respondit vade et dimisit eam duobus mensibus cumque abisset cum sociis ac sodalibus suis flebat virginitatem suam in montibus. Expletisque duobus mensibus reversa est advert patrem suum et fecit ei sicut voverat quae ignorabat virum exinde mos increbuit in Israhel et consuetudo servata est.

And he or she answered him: My father, if thou hast opened thy mouth to the Lord, do unto me in any respect thou hast promised, for the reason that victory hath been granted to thee, and revenge of thy enemies. And he or she mentioned to her father: Grant me solely this which I want: Let me go, that I could go in regards to the mountains for 2 months, and will bewail my virginity with my companions. And he answered her: Go. And he despatched her away for 2 months. And when she was gone along with her comrades and companions, she mourned her virginity within the mountains. And the 2 months being expired, she returned to her father, and he did to her as he had vowed, and she or he knew no man. From thence got here a style in Israel, and a customized has been stored. — Judges 11:36-39

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Herod “the Nice”

St Matthew 2:16-18


Herod the Nice (“a madman who murdered his circle of relatives and an awesome many rabbis.” – off to a very good begin!) is the well-known King from the time of Christ. He was a Jewish ruler who ruled (with the help of the Romans with whom he was very tight) Judea. Amongst his achievements was the constructing of the good Second Temple – a preferred venue for the Jews to promote sacrificial animals, meals, sweets, and to commerce cash; it was this place which Jesus Christ would later come to smash aside.

However it isn’t this den of thieves for which Herod is most well-known; he’s higher identified for his bloodbath of harmless youngsters – the dying toll of which has been exceptional since (except you liken abortion to the homicide of innocents during which the trendy dying toll is exponentially increased). The story goes that Herod heard of the start of Christ (after his brokers spied the three sensible males coming into his nation) and, wanting to stop a substitute king, ordered the homicide of all newborns within the village of Bethlehem (the place of Christ’s start). Think about that – ordering the homicide of ALL infants born in a metropolis over the earlier two years. That’s the reason we keep in mind the evil Herod the “Nice”.

Properly – that and the truth that his temple wall is essentially the most sacred place in fashionable Judaism – a dedication to some of the evil males within the historical past of the Bible.

[T]unc Herodes videns quoniam inlusus esset a magis iratus est valde et mittens occidit omnes pueros qui erant in Bethleem et in omnibus finibus eius a bimatu et infra secundum tempus quod exquisierat a magis. Tunc adimpletum est quod dictum est per Hieremiam prophetam dicentem. Vox in Rama audita est ploratus et ululatus multus Rachel plorans filios suos et noluit consolari quia non sunt.

Then Herod perceiving that he was deluded by the sensible males, was exceeding indignant; and sending killed all the boys youngsters that have been in Bethlehem, and in all of the borders thereof, from two years previous and below, in line with the time which he had diligently inquired of the sensible males. Then was fulfilled that which was spoken by Jeremias the prophet, saying: A voice in Rama was heard, lamentation and nice mourning; Rachel bewailing her youngsters, and wouldn’t be comforted, as a result of they aren’t. — St Matthew 2:16-18


Judas Iscariot

The Acts of the Apostles 1:16-19

Giotto - Scrovegni - -31- - Kiss Of Judas

You have been undoubtedly anticipating to see Judas on this checklist. On condition that he betrayed God Himself (Jesus, the Son of God) who might be extra depraved within the Bible than he? Some controversy exists concerning this specific evil man as he appears to create a paradox. It goes thus: he betrayed God but when he hadn’t there could be no salvation as Christ needed to die for that to occur. So if Judas was a trustworthy apostle, Christ wouldn’t have died so there might be no salvation.

Both means – his act of betrayal is however one a part of his wickedness. In the tip he succumbed to the egocentric act of suicide and hanged himself from a tree; most descriptively we all know that his bowels gushed from his physique within the act. He’s virtually universally thought to be being a resident of Hell for his acts.

[V]iri fratres oportet impleri scripturam quam praedixit Spiritus Sanctus per os David de Iuda qui fuit dux eorum qui conprehenderunt Iesum. Quia connumeratus erat in nobis et sortitus est sortem ministerii huius. Et hic quidem possedit agrum de mercede iniquitatis et suspensus crepuit medius et diffusa sunt omnia viscera eius. Et notum factum est omnibus habitantibus Hierusalem ita ut appellaretur ager ille lingua eorum Acheldemach hoc est ager Sanguinis

Males, brethren, the scripture should wants be fulfilled, which the Holy Ghost spoke earlier than by the mouth of David regarding Judas, who was the chief of them that apprehended Jesus: Who was numbered with us, and had obtained a part of this ministry. And he certainly hath possessed a area of the reward of iniquity, and being hanged, burst asunder within the midst: and all his bowels gushed out. And it turned identified to all of the inhabitants of Jerusalem: in order that the identical area was known as of their tongue, Haceldama, that’s to say, The area of blood. — The Acts of the Apostles 1:16-19

Haydock Douay Rheims Hardback

As this checklist is in regards to the Bible and it is without doubt one of the first lists posted since now we have migrated to our new host – we’re operating a contest. All you need to do to enter is be a registered commenter; in different phrases nameless commenters or commenters who will not be logged in are discounted. Merely sign up with Disqus, Twitter, Google+, Fb, or Listtopick to be an entrant. For each 100 feedback generated by this checklist we’ll randomly choose one commenter to obtain a ravishing leather-based sure copy of the Bible pictured above (worth: $125 US).

It’s a huge e-book – household dimension – so it’s nicely price coming into. Feedback should be coherent and to the purpose – feedback which can be clearly posted with no relevance to the subject received’t be included. As an extra bonus, if we recover from 500 feedback within the subsequent 48 hours not solely will we be awarding 5 Bibles as prizes, we’ll slip $500 US {dollars} into one Bible signed by Jamie Frater (additionally chosen at random) that can assist you alongside together with your Christmas buying.

Simply to make issues clear – if we get 100 feedback, one individual will obtain a prize. If we get 400 feedback, 4 folks will get a prize. If we get 500 feedback, 5 folks will get a prize and one can even obtain $500 US in money further. This competitors is open to each member of Listtopick no matter the place you reside. This isn’t a US-only competitors. If you’re from Timbuktu you possibly can nonetheless enter.


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    The women’s handbag and accessories retailer forecastthird-quarter results below Wall Street estimates as it expectsits gross margin to decline due to increased promotionalactivity. The company also lowered its full-year profit andrevenue forecasts.

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