Few movie administrators had a extra beautiful and unique visible model than the late, nice movie director Stanley Kubrick. The Kubrick Stare, generally known as the Kubrick Glare, is a standard digicam shot of an actor in most of Stanley Kubrick’s movies. The Kubrick Glare has been referred to as the “heavy-browed look of madness”. Roger Ebert mentioned he merely thought Kubrick discovered it an fascinating angle with which to shoot the human face. Regardless, the actor is filmed by Kubrick at a selected angle with their head tilted barely down, wanting up, generally with the tooth uncovered however all the time with a indifferent, menacing, offended, diabolical, evil or mad look of their eye. See in case you acknowledge these, the Top Ten Kubrick Stares.


Joe Turkel

Lloyd the Bartender – The Shining

Screen Shot 2011-04-08 At 7.39.48 Am

Joe Turkel performed Lloyd the Bartender who provides Jack Nicholson the drinks he desires, in change for his soul. Certainly one of my private favourite Kubrick Stares, and probably my favourite minor supporting position of all of the implausible minor supporting rolls in Kubrick movies. Turkel’s stare simply exudes evil behind these satan eyes and impish grin. That is only a basic Kubrick Stare – certainly one of diabolical evil.


Tom Cruise

Dr. William “Invoice” Harford – Eyes Vast Shut

Eyes Wide Shut Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise, taking part in the Manhattan physician Invoice Harford, has a extremely unhealthy night time in Eyes Vast Shut. Most viewers can’t make any sense out of this Kubrick movie, which is, I consider, precisely as Kubrick meant. The movie relies on a novella “Traumnovelle” (Dream Story), written by Arthur Schnitzler. Within the story, virtually all the things takes place in the principle characters dream. Within the movie, Cruise has his dream after he fights together with his spouse (Nicole Kidman). And, like all desires, issues make no sense in any respect. Solely in a dream may somebody acquire entrance to after hour locations in Manhattan by merely flashing their New York Medical doctors License. And all of his efforts to culminate intercourse by way of the night, whether or not with the prostitute, the Lolita determine performed by Leelee Sobieski within the costume store, or the orgy scene on the unusual and secretive mansion, finish in failure, simply as they do in desires. The Kubrick Stare Cruise provides us is that of a pissed off, misplaced and really sexy man.


Sue Lyon

Lolita – Lolita

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Sue Lyon performs the nymphet Lolita for whom the movie is known as. This shot, taken after Lolita concludes that the as soon as beautiful Humbert is now a suffocating and overbearing bore, simply exhibits that Kubrick may get a Stare out of a feminine actress in addition to the male actors.


Kirk Douglass

Colonel Dax – Paths of Glory

Kirk-Douglas-Paths L[1]

Kirk Douglass, as Colonel Dax in Paths of Glory, is a proud French soldier pushed to the brink of insanity by the insane waste of human life ordered by the French navy command. He does his finest to hold out his orders, however, like all these preventing on the entrance, he is aware of it’s pointless and futile. The Kubrick Stare from Douglass is certainly one of simmering fury – an emotion Douglas was implausible at portraying, and Kubrick bought the efficiency of a lifetime out of Douglas (although Douglass by no means cared for Kubrick).


Numerous Dr Strangelove Characters

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OK – I cheated a bit right here to get twelve Kubrick Stares right into a high ten listing, however the performances by the three nice actors on this movie all should be talked about together with their particular person Kubrick Stares. The darkish comedy of the madness of nuclear struggle and the lads who plot it’s, together with 2001 A Area Odyssey, Kubrick’s masterpiece. For individuals who have by no means seen Dr Strangelove, please, earlier than you die, watch it. Even in case you dislike Kubrick movies, dislike struggle tales, dislike darkish comedy or dislike movies on the whole – watch this film so you may see the unbelievable performances given by George C. Scott, Sterling Hayden and Peter Sellers.

George C. Scott provides, maybe, his biggest efficiency (apart from his Oscar successful and worthy position as George Patton in Patton). Excessive can’t even start to explain the efficiency Kubrick will get out of Scott, as Normal Buck Turgidson. Kubrick, all the time identified for making his actors do take after take till he bought simply the appropriate efficiency and look he was looking for, had Scott ham it up, making outlandish and cartoon-like faces and gestures. Kubrick instructed Scott these had been merely “heat up” performances and these wouldn’t be used as the ultimate takes within the completed movie,. When Scott noticed the completed movie and located Kubrick had lied to him and used these exact same excessive performances, Scott vowed by no means to work with him once more. However Kubrick’s deception labored. Scott performs Turgidson as a virtually youngster-like complete maniac who 100% believes the USA ought to go forward and begin a nuclear struggle with Russia, and that “shedding 10-20 million useless, tops, give or take the breaks” was acceptable casualties. Turgidson’s character is loosely primarily based on actual life US Air Pressure Normal Curtis LeMay. However when President Merkin Muffley (certainly one of three foremost characters within the movie performed by Peter Sellers) thwarts Turgidson’s needs to start out the nuclear struggle, we see Scott flash the Kubrick Stare.

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The good actor Sterling Hayden had not carried out in a movie in a few years earlier than Kubrick introduced him again to play mad Brigadier Normal Jack Ripper, commander of a navy base who orders his nuclear bombers to assault Russia on his personal command. Ripper takes benefit of just a little identified piece of laws delegating authority to launch a nuclear counter assault in opposition to the Russians, if the President and the highest authorities leaders are all killed by a Russian first strike. As soon as he has issued the order to assault, the planes can’t be returned until the sign is preceded by a particular three-letter code prefix identified solely to Ripper. Ripper’s Alternate Officer with the British Royal Air Pressure (additionally performed by Sellers) is Group Captain Lionel Mandrake, who confronts Ripper with the insanity of his actions and begs Ripper to present him the code so he can convey the planes again earlier than they provoke World Battle III. The Kubrick Stare given to us by Hayden is a basic insane madman look blended with anger and a contact of fine previous American condescension in the direction of Mandrake. Ripper refuses and tells Mandrake to “quiet down and make me a drink of pure grain alcohol and rain water and repair your self what ever you want.” Ripper is mad – obsessive about “communist infiltration, communist subversion, communist indoctrination, and the worldwide communist conspiracy to sap and impurify our treasured bodily fluids” – (he believes fluoridation of water is a communist conspiracy and have to be stopped in any respect price). Ripper refuses to present Mandrake the code. It’s not till Ripper shoots himself within the head (whereas shaving) that Mandrake discovers the code – P.O.E. (standing for “purity of essence”).

Simply in time, Mandrake delivers the code to the President by use of a public phone sales space (in one other hilarious scene involving the good character actor Keenan Wynn as Colonel Bat Guano). However alas, simply when it appears the world is saved from nuclear annihilation, plucky Texas pilot Main Kong (performed by one other legendary character actor – Slim Pickens) manages to get by way of the Russian defenses, maintain his broken aircraft collectively, and ship his atomic bomb, rodeo-model, to “the Ruskies”.

As if an change of nuclear weapons by the 2 nice tremendous powers wasn’t unhealthy sufficient, the Russians have a secret, final weapon – the Doomsday Bomb. The Doomsday Bomb is about to go off if the Russian homeland is attacked, and it’ll ship a “Doomsday Shroud” of atomic radiation that can encircle the Earth and kill all life. As Main Kong and his crew close to their goal, it dawns on the assembled US navy officers, Russian Ambassador and the President, that the world is about to finish. Is there no hope ultimately for mankind? Wait! Out of the darkness comes Peter Sellers once more, this time taking part in the crazed, wheelchair sure ex-Nazi scientist, Dr. Strangelove. Strangelove calculates that it’s possible that mankind may survive the radiation for years, in among the deepest mine shafts. As he consults and advises the President on his mad plans, his personal arm and gloved hand makes an attempt to strangle himself. The Kubrick Stare delivered by Sellers is that of pure scientific insanity. The insanity of males who created such horrible weapons and believed they might by some means management them.


Keir Dullea

Dr. David Bowman – 2001


Kubrick’s different masterpiece, and arguably his biggest movie, is a science fiction story. Set in three acts – two of which, the opening “Daybreak of Man” sequence and the ultimate “Jupiter and Past the Infinite” sequence, haven’t a single phrase of spoken dialogue. The center third of the movie exhibits mankind sooner or later as we journey into area, uncover a buried mysterious black monolith on the moon, and journey with two astronauts, Dr David Bowman and Dr Frank Poole, aboard a spaceship to Jupiter. Kubrick exhibits that, by 2001 and the time of man venturing into area, he has turn out to be impersonal, robotic, with little emotion or emotions. It’s left to the artificially clever laptop that runs all operations on the spaceship (referred to as H.A.L.) to be the one “human” on board the ship. H.A.L. is the one one on board, in truth in the complete movie, that acts human. H.A.L. although non-human, has all the true human feelings Poole and Bowman lack. H.A.L. is envious, he’s jealous, he’s bold, and finally, he turns into paranoid and a killer. In different phrases, good for flashing the Kubrick Stare (extra on that later).

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H.A.L. discovers Poole and Bowman are plotting to disconnect him and decides he can’t enable that to occur. H.A.L. sends Poole out to repair a damaged antennae, and kills him. Bowman goes out in an area pod to attempt to rescue Poole. H.A.L. then traps Bowman outdoors the spaceship, refusing to open the pod bay doorways to let Bowman again in. Bowman, in his haste to rescue Poole, left the pod with out his area helmet, and with out it Bowman can’t re enter the spaceship. Or can he? H.A.L. miscalculates the ingenuity of people, and Bowman boards the ship, anyway. It’s right here that Bowman lastly exhibits emotion. As he makes his method, (helmet now on) in the direction of H.A.L.’s logic system to close off his mind and kill H.A.L., we see Bowman flash the Kubrick Stare – certainly one of anger and killing emotion. Bowman slowly unplugs H.A.L. and we hear his synthetic thoughts slipping away as he begs Bowman – “Cease. Gained’t you cease Dave?”


Vincent D’Onofrio

Pvt. Leonard “Gomer Pyle” Lawrence – Full Metallic Jacket


The primary time I turn out to be conscious of the existence of the Kubrick Stare was in 1987, when Kubrick’s Vietnam struggle movie – Full Metallic Jacket, was launched. I used to be studying a overview of the movie and there was this unbelievable nonetheless photograph of actor Vincent D’Onofrio sitting in his underwear, staring like a maniac on the digicam. The creator of the article said that right here as soon as once more, Kubrick has delivered a personality flashing the properly-identified Kubrick Stare.

Kubrick discovered the younger actors who performed his Marine recruits despatched off first as well camp, then to struggle, by issuing an open casting name within the US and Canada. Kubrick obtained hundreds of videotaped auditions, which had been whittled right down to about 800 that he personally watched. Out of those, he chosen younger actors reminiscent of Matthew Modine, who would play “Personal Joker”, Adam Baldwin who would play “Animal Mom”, and D’Onofrio, who would play the unforgettable character of Personal Pyle.

Actor R. Lee Ermey performed Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, the drill teacher who terrorizes the recruits by way of boot camp and turns into Personal Pyle’s private hell. Ermey was initially a technical advisor to Kubrick on the movie, however requested Kubrick if he may painting Hartman, as an alternative. Kubrick initially turned him down, so Ermey put collectively his personal casting videotape. He had himself filmed tossing an uninterrupted string of expletives and insults at British Royal Marines, whereas off-digicam he had folks throwing tennis balls and oranges at him. Ermey by no means flinched as he was pelted, and stayed in character for 15 straight minutes of basic R. Lee Ermey insults (Ermey is finest identified right now for his look because the none-too-compassionate therapist who tosses a field of tissues at a wimpy affected person within the Geico industrial). Kubrick noticed the tape and altered his thoughts, admitting that Ermey’s genius was central to the character and the movie.

All through boot camp, Personal Pyle is outmatched and in method over his head, each bodily and emotionally. Hartman despises him and torments him relentlessly. Nobody however Personal Joker exhibits him any compassion. The one factor Pyle finds he’s good at, in truth he excels at it – is taking pictures. He is a wonderful marksman, the most effective within the unit. However it isn’t sufficient. On their final night time in boot camp, Joker pulls night time watch and finds Pyle alone in his underwear, sitting within the latrine, holding a rifle. He tries to cause with Pyle to place the gun down earlier than Hartman finds out and they’ll each be, as Joker places it – “in a world of shit”. However Pyle is past caring now. He flashes probably the greatest and well-known of the Kubrick Stares and says “I’m in a world of shit”. Hartman wakes up, hears the commotion, and goes to the latrine to confront Pyle. After one closing insult about his mom not loving him sufficient, Pyle pulls the set off and kills Hartman. He then places the gun to his personal head and kills himself, sparing Joker.


The picture of Malcolm McDowell taking part in the chief of a gang (referred to as Droogs) of teenage thugs who go on rampages of “extremely violence” round England, sporting his tilted Bowler hat, with eye make up, staring up and on the digicam with head tilted and an evil, sinister, mad look on his face – is the quintessential Kubrick Stare. McDowell, greater than every other actor in Kubrick’s movies, perfected the Stare and used it to nice impact all through the movie. A Clockwork Orange is a bleak, darkish, miserable have a look at the close to future and what “civilized western society” may devolve into. Alex DeLarge is the last word expression of the descent of man into senseless lust for violence and intercourse; a sociopath and not using a trace of a conscience. Although he revered Kubrick as an artist and director, McDowell may by no means name Kubrick an important movie director, as a result of all of his movies had been, in McDowell’s opinion, chilly and inhuman. McDowell felt they didn’t present the nice aspect of man, solely ever the evil, and that that was a deadly flaw in Kubrick’s storytelling model. Nonetheless, McDowell (together with Sellers in Dr. Strangelove and Ermy in Full Metallic Jacket) holds the excellence of being one of many only a few actors the ever-controlling Kubrick allowed to improvise strains of dialogue and scenes. The truth is, the well-known scene the place Alex mercilessly kicks the previous man as he’s pinned to the ground by one other Droog, while performing “Singing within the Rain”, was improvised by McDowell.


Jack Nicholson

Jack Torrance – The Shining


It’s exhausting to place anybody above McDowell and his portrayal of Alex DeLarge in the case of the standard of the Kubrick Stare, however Jack Nicholson’s efficiency because the haunted and mad husband and father, Jack Torrance, in The Shining, has grown a lot on me over years of re-watching this nice movie, that I now assume it’s the finest Kubrick Stare of all of the (human) incarnations. I believe what I like about Nicholson’s Kubrick Stare is how Nicholson slowly develops it by way of out the movie. Nicholson performs Torrance as a reasonably straight up, regular father and husband at the beginning of the movie, and there isn’t a touch of the insanity and The Stare till he will get to the Overlook Lodge. Then we slowly see The Stare develop as Torrance descends additional and additional into insanity. By the top of the movie, as Torrance is axing his method right into a room to kill his spouse within the well-known “Right here’s Johnny!” scene, after which chasing his son Danny by way of the maze in a blizzard, we see Nicholson convey out the complete Kubrick Stare in all its glory. Even in loss of life, frozen stable as a block of ice, Nicholson provides us that basic Kubrick Stare.

Hal 2001

Okay, some would say the glowing purple “eye” of H.A.L. the pc in 2001 A Area Odyssey isn’t actually a “Stare”. However I put it as primary on this listing due to the genius of Kubrick to make a pc directly probably the most caring, heat and loving “human” on board the spaceship sure for Jupiter, and on the identical time, the embodiment of evil we come to count on with the Kubrick Stare. Kubrick does this with setting and temper, lighting and sound and the interaction between Poole and Bowman, and every of them with H.A.L. Like Nicholson at the beginning of The Shining, there’s little trace to start with of the second act that H.A.L. is something however the trusty neighborhood artificially clever laptop serving to Poole and Bowman run the ship. However, as issues progress, H.A.L. too exhibits increasingly of the “evil eye” till lastly he stares, with chilly Kubrick Stare detachment, on the lips of Pole and Bowman as they focus on find out how to unplug H.A.L. (as they disguise within the pod). That scene, the place H.A.L. figures out Poole and Bowman are plotting in opposition to him, and he decides to take motion to defend himself (and commit homicide), is chilling and an ideal instance of the Kubrick Stare.


Stanley Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick

Screen Shot 2011-04-08 At 7.49.57 Am

In one of many final publicity photographs taken for Eyes Vast Shut, shortly earlier than his loss of life in 1999, we discover Kubrick himself giving us the Kubrick Stare. However with a small, loving grin. Thanks Stanley. Thanks for all these nice films, and people nice Kubrick Stares.


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