This record seems at fish that have been round in distant, prehistoric instances and have survived to our time, nonetheless holding their “prehistoric” seems to show it. Be at liberty to say these I’ve excluded within the feedback.


Based on the fossil file, hagfish have existed for over 300 million years, which suggests they have been already outdated when dinosaurs took over the world! Present in comparatively deep waters, these animals are typically referred to as slime eels, however they aren’t actually eels, and truly, they might not even be fish in any respect, in response to some scientists. They’re very weird animals in all regards; they’ve a cranium however lack a backbone, and so they have two brains. Virtually blind, they feed at evening on the carcasses of huge animals (fish, cetaceans and many others) which fall to the ocean backside. They owe their “slime eel” nickname to the truth that they produce a slimey substance to wreck the gills of predatory fish; consequently, they’ve nearly no pure enemies.

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The lancetfish has a really apparent “prehistoric” look, with these fierce-looking, sharp tooth on its jaws and the sail on its again, harking back to that of some dinosaurs (though, within the lancetfish the sail is definitely an enlarged dorsal fin). Even its scientific identify has a dinosaurian sound to it (Alepisaurus ferox). As much as two meters (6′ 6″) in size, this predator is present in all of the oceans aside from polar areas; very voracious, it feeds on smaller fish and squid, and has identified to feed on members of its personal species typically.

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Belonging to the traditional group of the Osteoglossids, these fish already existed within the Jurassic interval. Today, they’re discovered within the Amazon, and in elements of Africa, Asia and Australia. Typically saved as unique pets, arowanas are voracious predators that feed on any small animal they will catch, together with birds and bats which they catch in mid flight (they’re able to leap as much as 2 meters (6′ 6″) into the air). In China, arowanas are generally known as “dragon-fish” attributable to their look, and they’re regarded as harbingers of fine luck.

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This deep sea predator, one of the vital primitive sharks alive as we speak, is a relic from the Cretaceous interval, when dinosaurs dominated the Earth. Seldom seen alive, and solely not too long ago filmed for the primary time, the frilled shark can develop as much as 2 meters (6′ 6″) (with females being bigger than males) and so they dwell in deep waters, the place they feed totally on squid. They don’t seem to be harmful to people, and as a matter of truth, most frilled sharks spend their entire lives with out seeing a human being. Solely lifeless or dying specimens are often seen and recorded by fishermen or scientists.


One other survivor from the age of dinosaurs (they have been already round within the early Jurassic), the sturgeon is well-known for being one of many predominant sources of caviar (which is made out of their roe or egg plenty); attributable to overfishing, these magnificent, armored fish are sadly endangered these days. The biggest sturgeon species can develop as much as 6 meters (19′ 7″) lengthy, being as giant as most nice white sharks; they feed on small animals from the ocean backside and pose no hazard to people, until provoked (though they’re so large that they’ve harm, and even killed, individuals unintentionally by leaping out of the water and touchdown on boats!)

P26 Arapaima

A detailed relative to the arowana (see #8), the Amazonian arapaima is typically thought-about to be the most important freshwater fish on the earth. Based on early descriptions, it may develop as much as 4.5 meters (14′ 8″) lengthy, however as we speak, monumental people like these are seldom discovered and most grownup arapaimas common 2 meters (6′ 6″) lengthy. These sluggish transferring predators feed on smaller fish, crustaceans and no matter small animal they will match of their mouth. An attention-grabbing trait of this fish is that it must breath oxygen from the air, like a cetacean, with the intention to survive. Arapaimas pose no hazard to people and are sometimes hunted for his or her meat; sadly, they’re very scarce these days. Though the arapaima seemingly appeared within the Miocene interval, it belongs to a a lot older household, the Osteoglossidae, and subsequently its origins could be traced again to the age of dinosaurs.

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This critically endangered animal is a survivor from the Cretaceous interval, and could be discovered each in saltwater or in rivers and creeks, and has been discovered as much as 100 kms inland. As much as 7 meters (23′) in size, sawfish might appear like sharks however are literally extra intently associated to rays. Their “noticed” is each a weapon and a sensory organ, lined on electro-sensitive pores which permit it to sense prey regardless of its horrible eyesight. Though often peaceable, the sawfish can change into extraordinarily harmful if provoked. As a consequence of a unprecedented fossil, we all know that big, prehistoric sawfish have been in all probability a staple meals for the most important carnivorous dinosaur, Spinosaurus, as a vertebra from the fish was discovered caught between the dinosaur’s tooth.

Alligator Gar

This formidable, thick scaled predator is discovered within the southern US and northern and jap Mexico, being the most important freshwater fish in North America (though it typically wanders into the ocean). It could actually develop as much as 4 meters (13′) lengthy and weigh as much as 200 kgs (440lbs). Gator gars are so referred to as due to their reptilian look and lengthy jaws, armed with a double row of sharp tooth. They’re voracious ambush predators and have been identified to chew people every so often, though no confirmed deaths attributable to alligator gars have been recorded up to now. Gars are among the many oldest fish alive as we speak; their origins could be traced again to the Cretaceous interval.

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These african fish are sometimes referred to as “dinosaur eels”, attributable to their reptilian look and serrated dorsal fin, harking back to some dinosaurs’ spiked backs. They don’t seem to be actually eels, however members of the bichir household. Bichirs have been already round within the Cretaceous, so the “dinosaur” a part of their identify is definitely becoming in a manner. Though usually bought as unique pets, dinosaur eels are liable to escaping their fish tanks. They will survive out of the water for lengthy intervals of time so long as their pores and skin stays moist, which permits them to wander far-off from their tank.

Sf Coelacanth 5

The Coelacanth is probably the most well-known of all “residing fossils” and deserves to be #1 on this record, as a result of it’s the greatest instance of a “Lazarus taxon”, that is, animals that have been purported to be lengthy extinct and are unexpectedly discovered to be alive. Coelacanths have been purported to have change into extinct within the Cretaceous interval, together with the dinosaurs, however in 1938, a dwell specimen was caught in South Africa. Since then, extra specimens have been seen and photographed, and a second coelacanth species was even present in Indonesia in 1999. Coelacanths are giant predators, as much as 2 meters (6′ 6″) lengthy; they feed on smaller fish, together with small sharks, and are often present in deep, darkish waters. Though not often captured and consumed attributable to their horrible style, coelacanths are critically endangered these days.


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