Top 10 Worst Characters from ’80s Movies

The 80s have been a wonderful decade for filmmaking. After the structural and technological experimentation of the 70s, the nice 80s filmmakers- George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, John Hughes, Robert Zemeckis, and John Carpenter, to call a few- have been in a position to focus their craft and prove a number of the most generally beloved movies in historical past. Over thirty years later, there are nonetheless dozens of movies from the 80s which might be routinely positioned in “should watch” and “better of” lists. However nothing is ideal, and even the perfect films can have some fairly abysmal characters inside. Wanting again, numerous characters within the 80s weren’t fairly the heroes or harmless sidekicks we thought they have been. Whether or not it’s on account of shifting political local weather, modifications in cultural ideas of heroism, or that we have been simply too blinded by cool particular results on the time to note, some fairly dangerous characters have been labeled as the great guys. Time to alter that. Listed here are ten of the worst characters from 80s films.

10 James Dalton – Highway Home

Highway Home (8/11) Film CLIP – The Outdated-Customary Method (1989) HD

It pains me to say it, however Patrick Swayze’s James Dalton, the protagonist in 1989’s action-brawler Highway Home, is simply strolling, speaking, high-kicking nonsense. Dalton makes the checklist due to sheer unbelievability. Although Swayze performs admirably because the character, it’s the character himself who sinks the oily, neon-lit ship.

James Dalton is a cooler, or as everybody else on planet Earth would say, a bouncer. In some way he’s turn out to be well-known for bouncing, which I assume means his bar has the fewest undesirable company? Regardless that zero undesirable company is the common quantity for any institution at any given time? In any case, he’s turn out to be such an impressive bouncer by learning tai chi, meditation, and philosophy, apparently. However regardless of his enlightenment, he nonetheless refuses to put on sensible, non-bulge-highlighting clothes or drive a automobile that isn’t a large phallic substitute. To prime that off, his transcendence melts away the moment he’s threatened, inflicting him to tear out folks’s throats together with his naked hand. Significantly, he did that. Left an open, bleeding gap in a man’s neck and every little thing. Dalton is a person of many faces, they usually all belong in several films.

9 Lengthy Duk Dong – Sixteen Candles

Sixteen Candles – “Lengthy Duk Dong’s Biggest Hits” – compilation

Lengthy Duk Dong makes the checklist for being cruelly insulting to a complete continent, even for his time. Sure, Sixteen candles got here out again in 1984, however by then it was well-known that crapping throughout a complete tradition was a no-no. “The Donger” as he calls himself, displays basically each Asian stereotype author/director John Hughes may consider, together with being accompanied by a gong hit each time he got here on display screen.

The character was broadly criticized instantly following the movie’s launch by a number of high-profile teams, however their considerations have been shrugged off by John Hughes and Common Photos. But criticism stays to this present day; even star Molly Ringwald just lately mirrored that the character, “is a grotesque stereotype.” What started as an ignorant try and get low cost laughs has since turn out to be a permanent image of insensitivity, incomes The Donger a spot on the worst checklist.

8 Howard the Duck – Howard the Duck

Sincere Trailers | Howard the Duck

There’s no controversy right here. Howard the Duck is among the single worst films ever made. Even diehard Marvel comics nerds (perhaps particularly diehard Marvel comics nerds) can discover little to love about this two-hour piece of flaming duck crap. The film tries to make Howard the Duck a snarky, wise-cracking anti-hero ala Ferris Bueller (see beneath), however solely managed to power a number of half-assed duck puns and cellphone in a personality arc (/motivation/backstory/persona, and so forth.), earlier than they roll credit. There’s significantly nothing on this film to like, until you might be into human-on-anthropomorphic-bird relationships, during which case: good on you, not right here to evaluate.

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7 Lewis Skolnick – Revenge of the Nerds

Revenge of the Nerds – the nerds raid the ladies’ dorm

That is one other case of behaviors getting old poorly, however in contrast to the overt mockery that’s Lengthy Duk Dong, this one is insidious and creepy. Revenge of the Nerds is an efficient film, for probably the most half. It did the world an excellent deed by serving to to shift the standard film hero from square-jawed jock a**holes to relatable, intelligent underdogs. However for all of the respect it provides to misfits, it very pointedly disrespects ladies.

The nerd women are publicly known as pigs by an entire fraternity; the film’s heroes break and enter right into a feminine dorm, watch them undress, then steal their underwear; and to prime it off, our important protagonist Lewis Skolnick decides to win over the favored woman’s coronary heart by… raping her. That’s the precise climax of the movie. We’re speculated to snort and cheer at that. Fairly exhausting to root for the underdog after they’re a merciless sociopath.

6 Ferris Bueller – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

11 Causes ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ Is Secretly Terrifying – Obsessive Pop Tradition Dysfunction

“You possibly can by no means go too far.” -Ferris Bueller, 1986. Sure, you’ll be able to, Ferris. And solely insane folks assume that, Ferris. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is 103 minutes of a privileged, conniving, scheming, mendacity, narcissistic, manipulative, bullying, ungrateful, compassionless little jerk benefiting from everybody that cares about him. The casualties of his marketing campaign of exploitation embody his greatest ‘buddy’ Cameron, his ‘girlfriend’ Sloane, his highschool dean, the college’s secretary, a Ferrari 250 GT California, his sister, his mom, his father, and worst of all the actual Abe Froman, Sausage King of Chicago.

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5 All of the Ghostbusters – Ghostbusters

Why the Ghostbusters are Secretly the Unhealthy Guys

One other painful admission for me: the Ghostbusters are simply not good guys. Sure, they saved New York twice, however in doing so that they performed god, not simply with spirits however with human lives. For one factor, the blokes punish each ghost they encounter with everlasting jail. Everlasting. Jail. Not only for the massive bads like Vigo and Gozer, no each ghost will get the identical infinitely harsh deal. Even when one ‘Buster simply occurs to see an harmless murder-victim ghost floating by on her unfinished enterprise of discovering her killer- BOOM: everlasting jail in a field.

And, in Spengler’s personal phrases, the 4 untrained ‘Busters carry unstable nuclear reactors on their backs. One of many movie’s supposed villains, an EPA inspector, accurately determines this and tries to manage these moveable atom bombs, however the 4 jerks with no coaching and an excessive amount of confidence shut him down and mock him. And actually, in case your movie’s protagonists are mainly in battle with the EPA? Perhaps they’re not the perfect folks.

4 Daniel LaRusso – The Karate Child

It’s not possible to make this level higher than Barney Stinson already has, however Daniel LaRusso isn’t the actual Karate Child. Johnny Lawrence is, by nearly any metric, the protagonist in that story. Lawrence grew up with out realizing his father and abused by his stepfather. He took up karate as a solution to regain his company and turn out to be his personal individual. He poured his coronary heart and soul into his craft however even then misplaced early in his first match. His steadfast dedication triggered him to double down on his coaching, and he ultimately grew to become the perfect fighter within the metropolis, and in doing so moved past his worry and loathing for his step-father. Hero’s journey accomplished. Enter Daniel LaRusso, who bullies Lawrence and settles all of their disputes with violence as an alternative of attending to know the tortured soul that Lawrence hides. Then LaRusso steals the championship from Lawrence with an unlawful face kick, in what needs to be one among cinema’s best tragedies.

3 Everybody – Weekend at Bernie’s

Weekend at Bernie’s (6/10) Film CLIP – Bernie Will get Laid (1989) HD

This goes with out saying: failing to report a loss of life, tampering with the physique, and disturbing a criminal offense scene are dangerous concepts. However dressing the physique up, puppeting it for days, and even letting somebody have intercourse with it with out telling them… that’s one other stage. Larry and Richard, the supposed protagonists of Weekend at Bernie’s, are creepy, egocentric monsters. However they’re not alone. The remainder of the forged are both vapid, coke-addled partiers or members of the mob. So actually, nobody comes out of that film trying squeaky clear. I give Weekend at Bernie’s two decomposing-thumbs-puppeted-with-string’s down.

2 Doc Brown – Again to the Future

Think about you’re a mum or dad (say, Lorraine McFly) and your son (Marty) tells you that he spends all his free time hanging out with an 80-year-old man (Doc Brown). Furthermore, this outdated man is a failed nuclear physicist and often has your son assist him take a look at his experimental new nuclear expertise. Much more, the outdated man has dealings with Libyan terrorists. Nonetheless extra, the outdated man thinks your son is the right candidate to check the utterly unfounded, unregulated, unknown science of time journey. How would you’re feeling about this example between the outdated man and your son? On this case, as Lorraine, you’d in all probability really feel nice, as a result of that manner the youthful model of you will get to have intercourse along with your son in 1955. This film is tousled.

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1 The Ewoks – Return of the Jedi

Some Star Wars followers love the Ewoks, some hate them. The talk has raged on for over 30 years with no sign of ending. So let’s finish it: the Ewoks are rubbish characters. The unique Star Wars trilogy is an unbelievably blended bag of excellent and dangerous movie elements. On the one hand, the flicks introduced sci-fi to the mainstream, revolutionized particular results, and are every an in depth love letter to Joseph Campbell’s treatises on comparative mythology. Then again: Ewoks.

The tip of Return of the Jedi was a cathartic climax to an journey a decade within the making, and scenes like these in Palpatine’s chambers crackle with emotionality and high-stakes drama. But for some cause (toys), George Lucas selected to alternate these scenes with lengthy, slapstick sequences of Ewoks fumbling their manner by the forest (due to toys). The extraordinary nervousness of Darth Vader selecting between letting his solely son die and killing his mentor is sandwiched between pictures of fats, fuzzy forest beavers pawing at Stormtroopers (to promote toys). Lando and Ackbar’s determined ultimate assault on the second Dying Star is thrilling however cuts to some furry, bucktoothed tater-tots slapping AT-ST’s with their grubby fingers (which offered extra toys). I simply want I may work out why (I need to go purchase toys).


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